13 Vampire Tattoos

There is no more need to explain the meaning of zombie or vampire tattoos. According to the experience of plenty of conversations with such tattoos owners the conclusion came up naturally – the main reason to make a vampire tattoo is a personal sympathy movie or tv-show characters and aesthetic beauty of images people see.

Zombie or vampire tattoos are often made under the influence of movies or tv-shows such as:
– Walking Dead
– From Dusk Till Dawn
– Blade
– Underworld
– Resident Evil and many others.

However, the most popular vampire tattoo idea is certainly well-known Romanian count Dracula. This character is as well one of the best and popular Halloween tattoo idea. As due to a lot of written books and movies shown on wide screen this character had been terrifying people all over the world for decades. In tattoo form, Dracula usually appears looking like a vampire head with bloody fangs, insane look, and red eyes.

But historically, without taking into account, all modern culture zombie and vampire fetish, there still is some definite meaning of vampire tattoo. The one who is fond of vampires so much that he or she decides to make a vampire tattoo is more likely to be a person of a night, closed and not much of a sociable person, but has a very rich and interesting inner world, these people are often creative.

But returning to the topic of Helloween, check out several neo-traditional and basically cool vampire tattoo design suitable for the mood of the celebration.

Girl Vampire Bloody Face Tattoo

by zs.tattoo

Very Ugly Vampire Portrait Tattoo

Long Front Fangs Vampire Tattoo

by Tommy Rosser

Wide Mouth Vampire Tattoo

by tattooangel

Marilyn Monroe Vampire Tattoo

by Richard Mullaney

Red Eyes Vampire Tattoo

by ray.fernandez

Vampire Bite Tattoo on Neck

by peachytattoo

Thin Neck Vampire Tattoo

by martacptattoo

Albino Face Vampire Tattoo

by Laura Koski

Blood Smile Girl Vampire Tattoo

by Chris Peters

Hands in Blood Vampire Girl Tattoo

by alessandrotattoo

Portrait Vampire Tattoo

by Aaron Springs

Black and Grey Realistic Vampire Portrait Tattoo

by @joekworrall

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