15 Craziest Skull Tattoo Ideas

These skull tattoos will make you want to have one for yourself. Check them out! There are a lot of skull tattoos on the internet, and here we have nearly the coolest ones.

Red Snake Blue Skull Tattoo

by Bernd Muss

tattoo by Dylan Kwok

by Dylan Kwok

tattoo by Damian Gorski

by Damian Gorski

Skull Mouth tattoo on Hand

by Danny Promos

Grey and Red Skull on Shoulder

by Chris Paez

by Jak Connolly

by Jak Connolly

Purple Scull Aquarelle tattoo by Adam Kremer

by Adam Kremer

zombie boy

zombie boy

tattoo by Eva Tunus

by Eva Tunus

tattoo by pavel razumniy

by pavel razumniy

tattoo by Peter Tattooer

by Peter Tattooer



by BArt Janus

by BArt Janus

John Maxx

by John Maxx

tattoo by Varo Tattooer

by Varo Tattoo

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