20 Jack-o-Lantern Tattoos fo Halloween

These pumpkin carved faces are the typical traditional symbol and attribute of the Halloween. We cannot imagine the celebration without at leas one of these orange bastards. The mass culture had created a lot of things shaped like jack o’lanterns – there are masks, balls, candies, baskets for candies, garden decorations etc. People eat them, put them on tables, hang them in their yard, hold them in hands and… ink them on their bodies.
Seriously, it is not hard to find plenty of jack o’ lanterns tattoos. Here are some of them. We admire all people who have them, ’cause it makes life brighter hand happier, even though historically this symbol appered due to unexplainable lights people saw at night.

Ankle Halloween Forever Tattoo

by Zombie Tattoo Shop

Small Pumpking  Tattoo on Wrist

by Vinny

Dark Lantern in Field Tattoo

Half Skull Pumpkin Tattoo

Wings Pumpkin Tattoo on Chest

Foot Angry Pumpkin Tattoo

New School Jack o'Lantern Tattoo

Small Dark Jack o'Lantern Tattoo

by true faith tattoo studio

Really Angry Pumpkin Tattoo

by tonycostelloorlando

Witch Hat Pumpkin Tattoo

by skincitytattoos

Lollipop Pumpkin Tattoo

by Paige Elise

Jack o Lantern and Skull Tattoo

by Mark Duhan

Bat Jack o Lantern and Ghost Tattoo

by Lyz Diephuis

3D Pumpkin Tattoo

by lu skywalker

Small Jack o lantern tattoo

by glenn_nies_tattoo

Classy Jack o Lantern tattoo

Eric Schiwe

Zombie Jack o Lantern Tattoo


Shoulder jack o Lantern Tattoo

by athinlinetattoo

A lot of Pumpkins Tattoo on Back

Jack o Lantern Kitty Tattoo

by shishmania

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