30 Awesome Halloween Tattoos

Do you know that Halloween is supposed to have some sad shades of mood in its celebration?
The purpose of this holiday used to be mainly for people to remember all those who passed away. It should have something similar to Mexican Día de Muertos celebration in its sense. However, nowadays the meaning of the holiday has shifted, and there is nothing horribly bad in this. Kids are gathering sweets and adults make insane parties with a lot of booze and costumes. Only for small part of people Halloween remained its sacred sense, for the majority it is forgotten.
And even all the evil forces, which are supposed to come out on the Halloween night are no longer frightening. All those zombies, vampires, ghosts, demons, skeletons, witches and other villains are not only a matter of fun, but they often become good images for tattoo designs.
There are plenty of them on the Internet and it’s easy to find any kind of stuff even jack-o’-lanterns are inked on people’s bodies. All such Halloween tattoos are mainly made in a neo-traditional or new school tattoo styles – it’s just fun to have one, and it doesn’t mean that a person having such tattoo worships the devil or something. There is absolutely nothing serious in these drawings: pumpkins are cartoonish, ghost are cute, and vampires are tiny in such tattoo designs.
Here we have some interesting and fresh tattoo we have found.

Full Back Halloween Tattoo

Pumking on leg with lettering

by Zombie Tattoo Shop

New School Bat Tattoo

by xmikexmaddox

Jack Skellington Body Side Tattoo

Jack-o'-lantern in Field tattoo

Jack Skellington with Pumking Tattoo

Small Bats on Foot Tattoo

Angry Pumking Lantern Tattoo

by Tony Costello

Drunk Ghost Tattoo

by 13 tattoos

Close-up Frankenstein Tattoo Portrait

by Tatuajes Fredy

Rock 'n' Roll Frankenstein Tattoo

by tattoosbyanya

Shoulder Classical Witch Portrait Tattoo

by tamarez_tattooer37

Plump Vampire Cute Ghost Tattoo

by sophyinbloom

Small Witch Hat Tattoo

by Shane Rogers

A Bite of a Vampire Tattoo

by peachytattoo

Pumkin Lollipop Tattoo

Paige Elise

Very Evil Pumkin Tattoo

by lu skywalker

Insane Bat Tattoo on Arm

by Jonathan Hernandez

Pumkin New School Tattoo

by Eric Schiwe

Witch and Jack-o-lanterns Tattoo on Thigh

by emilyelinskitattoo

Outlines Witch on Broom Tattoo

by elymisstake

Close-Up Jack Skellington Tattoo

by devin_thedude10

Exposed Witch Tattoo

by Bethany Rivers

Frankenstein Happy Family Tattoo

by athinlinetattoo

Sunset Emerging Ghost Tattoo

by Anonymous Tattoo

Witchcraft Attributes Tattoo

by @pertastic

Kid Ghost Tattoo

by @lolagarciatattoo

Out of Pumpkin Ghost Tattoo

by @landahoytattoos.

Black and Grey Realistic Vampire Portrait Tattoo

by @joekworrall

Witch Silhouette Tattoo

by @cerennerdem


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