30 Cool Sailing Ship Tattoos

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These tattoo ideas will take you into the history of the tattoo art. Nautical tattoos were the firs one to come to European culture, that is basically where the tattoo art development takes its place. One of the most common plot for this topic of tattoo designs were different kinds of ships. In those days they used to ink ships like they do now in old school style with fat lines and intence colors. And in this post you will see how did modern tattoo artists improve ship tattoos creating real masterpieces using human skin like a canvas.

Graphic Ship by Sasha Foteyev

by Sasha Foteyev

Watercolor ship

Unknown artist

Yellow Sails Ship

by Tylor Schwarz

Lighthouse ship

Unknown artist

Framed Girl Ship and Lighthouse Nautical tattoo by Three Kings Tattoo on chest

by Three Kings Tattoo

Grey Sails Ship Nautical tattoo by Elda Bernardes

by Elda Bernardes

Kraken Sailing Ship Trash Polka tattoo by Carola Deutsch

by Carola Deutsch

Black Sail to Your Girl Ship Nautical tattoo by Rich Pineda

by Rich Pineda

Whale Ship Graphic tattoo

by Dale Sarok

Full Body Frame Ship Nautical tattoo

Unknown artist

Ship Sailing in the Sea Realistic tattoo

by Cigla Tattoo

Scull and Octopus Frame Ship Nautical tattoo

Unknown artist

Leg Ship Homeward Bound tattoo

by Chris Paez

Sail Away Ship Tattoo

by Giahi Tattoo

Explorer Ship Tattoo on Arm

by Ricardo Da Maia

Realistic Pirate Ship Tattoo on Shoulder

by Freddy Negrete

Belly Sailing Ship under Sails tattoo

Unknown artist

New School Ship in Bottle tattoo

by Mike Stockings

Graphic Sailing Ship Tattoo on Back

by MXW Tattoo

Thunder Ship Tattoo

by Dean Denney

Small Ship Tattoo

by Dovydas Klimavicius

Ship Wreck

Unknown artist

Real Ship Body Tattoo

by Matt Jordan

Man Head Ship Tattoo

by Pietro Sedda

Hip Ship Tattoo

Unknown artist

Castle Ship Tattoo

by Alex Tabuns

by Myke Chambers

by Myke Chambers

Arm Ship Tattoo

by Paul Dobleman

Ankle Ship Tattoo

by Aka Pasqual

Fire Sails Tattoo

by Dmitriy Samohin

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