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  • 32 Marvelous Witch Tattoos for Halloween

    The most popular women Halloween costume is the costume of a witch. All the dark essence of their magic and unexplainable things they are believed to be able to do had always been the point of interest of common people. But unfortunately, people usually treat things they can’t comprehend not so pleasant. They simply try to protect themselves from all unexplainable by getting rid of it, and in this case, by exterminating as many witches as possible.
    They were burned by hundreds, the were hunted and forbidden by the church, a lot of innocent suffered of this aggression caused by fear.Still they survived all those dark times. And be sure that every night there are candles burning in some room and the witchcraft is performed.
    But all historical details, fair or unfair they were, are not the matter of a point if we are talking about witch tattoos. The image of girls of this, if we may say so, occupation is covered with intriguing mystery. And there is no definite appearance of witches. However, there are several general archetypes created by the fantasy of different artist. For example, witches are drawn as ugly green skinned goblin-like old ladies, making poisons and other magical stuff in their desolate huts. On the other hand, there is also a belief that witches are unbelievably attractive and can get any men they want. Actually, simply speaking, the pretty face used to be the reason to claim any woman a witch in the Middle Ages and burn it.But let’s come back to discussing witches in the tattoo art.
    There is one special kind of witch depiction connected with Halloween. Such witches are all about good body shape, pointy hat and broom sticks which tey yse to fly. This particular describtion of witch had become unofficial symbol of the Halloween
    So, to wind up the topic, there are a great compilation of witch tattoos under the text and as a bonus, some awesome witch tattoo designs, in case if you are thinking to make one. Check all these cool pictures and share them with friens on facebook and other socials.
    Happy Halloween!

    Broom Witch on Pumpkin Tattoo

    by wangdang sweetpoontang

    Red Moon Witch Silhouette Tattoo

    Traditional Witch Tattoo Design


    Red Haired Classical Witch Tattoo Design


    Small Fly Away Witch Tattoo

    by tattooflashback

    Shoulder Portrait Pointy Hat Witch Tattoo

    by tamarez_tattooer

    Small Bats And Witch Hat Tattoo

    by Shane Rogers

    Fairy Witch Tattoo New School

    by robin_b_tattoos

    Very Green Witch Tattoo on Shoulder


    Witch on Broom Tattoo Design

    by Justin Markure

    Dark Nature Witch Tattoo

    by jsilvatattoos

    moon Riding Witch Tattoo Sketch

    by john_ink_

    Beautiful Broom Flying Witch Tattoo

    Jay Muirhead

    Cute Simple Witch Tattoo

    by gui_tattoo

    Thigh Witch above Jack o Lanterns Tattoo

    by emilyelinskitattoo

    Fast Furious Witch Tattoo

    by elymisstake

    Strange Drawn Witch Tattoo

    by doppelganger.tattoo

    Falling Leafs Witch Tattoo Sketch

    by deadmess

    Neo-Traditional Witch Tattoo Design

    by deadmess

    Halloween Witch Tattoo Sketch

    by bootattoo89

    Stars and Witch Tattoo

    by Black Candy

    Witch Head Tattoo Sketch

    by bigstutattooer

    Alchemy Witch Tattoo

    by Bethany Rivers

    Liza Simpson Tattoo Witch

    by Andy Howl

    Small Pentagram Tattoo Witch

    by alexortagus

    Black Witch Silhouette Small Tattoo

    by adammanski

    Red-Haired Witch and Raven Tattoo

    by aanthem

    Shoes Hat and Broom Tattoo


    Cool Moon Witch Tattoo

    by @jen52

    Profile Witch Tattoo


    Tiny Witch Tattoo Silhouette

    by @cerennerdem

    Witch Tattoos Flash Set


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