A Little About Stork Tattoos

Stork tattoo is the one meant to bring luck to its owner. People always considered having an ability to make people wealthy and happy. As well as the bird is the symbol that the baby will be born soon in the family. Stork tattoo design should be made by a skilled tattoo artist as the symbol is rather rare, that’s why it is better for it to look good.

beautiful stork

by @belokamensky

stork and brilliant tatt

by @fdtattoo

graphic stork tattoo

by Tayri Rodríguez

This mark is full of power to protect its owner from misfortune and suffering. In a lot of countries, stork tattoos are compared with spring reborn, believing that it can turn life into the better way.

Christianity gave this beautiful bird and ability to symbolize innocence and purity. In eastern cultures storks were considered to be the symbol of long life and the fact that life is internal.

black and white stork tattoo

by @erotattoo

flower and stork

by Andrew Joseph

moon and b/w stork

by Duncan Whitfield

by Sebastian Supp

by Sebastian Supp

Some people show their respect to parents with this symbol. For Greek people stork is a sacred animal. They say that a stork patronizes maternity. All the associations with that bird provoke only positive emotions. It’s almost impossible to find some dark or bad shades in this symbol.

stork child tatt

by Alvaro Contreras

woodoo stork tattoo

by Miss marla

cool scissors-stork tattoo

by @dirtleg

cute stork tattoo

by Sebastian Domaschke

stork with child

by isaac salvio

With the help of the stork symbol the enlightenment and beauty are expressed. Also, it can be used as a charm. It gives luck and brings children to families. In some cases, stork tattoo is made to symbolize the beginning of a new life period.

three-head stork tattoo

by stensinisaar

graphic and dotwork stork

by Shannon O’Shea

wings and stork tattoo

by @mrmartintattoo

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