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As many of other professional martial artists have Brock Lesnar tattoo on the chest – the rather original sword – makes him look memorable and kind of weird. And he is not the only one among sportsmen who has tattoos – weird and cool this tradition goes deeply into the history of mankind.
Tattoos were originally used not only as the symbols aimed to summon luck, love, happiness, wealth etc. They were originally made by soldiers to protect them from sudden unfortunate death. Such body drawings were made the way so they could frighten the Death itself, that’s why all the designs were terrifying skulls and stuff. All of these warfare tats used to end up giving self-confidence of course and the only ones who got terrified with those were foes.
This is where the tradition for men of masculine occupations to make tattoos, like professional martial artists.
Brock Lesnar had reached a huge success in many different kinds of professional sport. He had won a lot of championships in different versions. He had tried nearly every kind of modern popular kinds of martial arts. There are thousands of admirers of this professional fighter and through all of them can easily recognize each Brock Lesnar Tattoo.


Brock Lesnar toorso tattoo

Brock Lesnar moAtivations behind his iconic chest tattoo.

brass knuckles tattoo


brock lesnar torso 3d tattoo


brock lesnars demon tattoo

Dragon Face on Back Of Brock lesnar

brock lesnar back tattoo

UFC tattoo


Kill Em All lower back tattoo

killem all tattoo brock lesnar

brock lesnar tattoo design

graphiс tattoo on back

brock lesnar design

brock lesnars zombie hand tattoo on back

Tattoo sketch by Brock Lesnar

Skull on a right bicep

brock lensars Shoulder tattoo

brock lesnars skull tattoo

brock lensars Skull tattoo On Right Shoulder

brock lesnar skull tattoo

Xenomorph on the left bicep

Left Shoulder tattoo

brock lesnar left hand tattoo

predator tattoo on left shoulder brock lesnar

Shoulder blade tattoo of Brock Lesnar

blade tattoo of brock lesnar

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