Cheetah Tattoo Meaning

Nowadays, there are a lot of tattooed people, but not many of them can explain the meaning of their body drawings. The thing is, that most people make choose their tattoo design just depending on their preferences, choosing the drawing they liked most in the list or catalog the tattoo artist gave them, having absolutely no clue of the tattoo meaning especially this concerns animal tattoos. However, before making a cheetah tattoo it is necessary to think, whether you have some characters the animal has.

Gentleman Cheetah Tattoo

by Amanda Jtoner

Watercolor Cheetah Tattoo

by Danny Scott

Egyptian Cheetah Tattoo Design

by deliabrodytattoo

Hand Cheetah Tattoo

by Fulvio Vaccarone

Let’s dwell upon the cheetah tattoo meaning. The image is always associated with the speed and vigilance, ambition and persistence. However, don’t forget about other details of the particular tattoo design, they can easily turn the cheetah tattoo meaning up-side-down or give it slightly different shade.

Cheetah Hide Tattoo Shaman

by Matt Curzon

Realistic Cheetah Tattoo

by Pepa Heller

Cheetah Skull Tattoo

by Rok Jureš

Arm Cheetah Tattoo

by S.grimsson

The cheetah grin is the anger and hate. Such drawings, as a rule, are the choice of strong and beefy men with a hot temper. And if the animal drawing looks more like a soft cute and harmless kitty, that means that the tattoo owner is kind and sensitive.

Walking Cheetah Tattoo

by Soria Tattooist

Crawling Cheetah Tattoo

by Torbos Tatts N Trims

Shoulder Cheetah Tattoo

by Tony Ritter

Black and Grey Cheetah Tattoo

by steviejeanflowers

Running cheetah tattoo doesn’t mean the desire to reach some definite aim b any means, this a desire to approach the excellence. The Cheetah is that kind of the tattoo which expresses the emotions and traits directly connected with the tattoo owner character, the tattoo is not a metaphoric, it is clear to understand.

Running Cheetah Tattoo


Cheetah Eyes Tattoo

by idle_handz

Hip Tattoo Cheetah

by Jctattooing

Cheetah Tattoo Design

by Lencre Sauvage

Some people make a tattoo in order to gain some character traits. For example, if you want to become more self-assured, make the tattoo on a visible spot that you could see it. In such an easy way you will subconsciously try to mimic the character of the animal in the drawing. The cheetah tattoo is one of the best choices for this purpose.


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