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  • Chest Tattoos and Their Charms

    Since the very time when tattoo art became popular, chest tattoos became one of the most widely spread placement. It is an old tradition to wear a drawing on this part of the body. In old times warriors used to prepare to battle with prayers and charms. And the chest tattoo symbolizes a shield which protects basically the most important organ – the heart.

    Bear and Eagle tattoo on Chest Infinity Snake Chest tattoo

    Medusa and Cerberus Tattoo on Chest

    Chest is a very good for placing big drawings there or some compound ornament. And the drawing there can look more realistic as well due to the bulging muscle structure. Another prominent feature and of this zone is the symmetry an artist can create making two similar tattoos under each collarbone – that looks rather attractive and interesting.

    Arm and Chest Blackwork tattoo Chest Mandala and Sleeves Blackwork tattooGreat Chest Crystal Tracery Blackwork tattoo

    However, the main advantage of chest tattoos is its painlessness. You, of course, can feel that it hurts during the procedure, but that is not so horrible comparing with wrists or feet. Also, this tattoo will not lose its shape with time as muscles in that area are strong and stay in shape longer.

    Chest tattoos for men.

    Chest tattoos for man impress with the inventiveness of tattoo ideas. Traditionally they used to make tattoos on one-half of a chest. Nowadays, chest tattoos spreading on the whole area and located near shoulders and collar bones are more popular.

    Puzzle Envelope 3D tattoo Organic Polynesy Face on Chest tattoo

    In Western countries, there was a tradition to make angel wings chest tattoo and it rapidly spread all over the world. This tattoo idea stands for courage and says that this is a “Big” person stands in front of you. However, romantic people choose ship chest tattoos with big white sails. The man in love would prefer to make a portrait of his beloved.

    Wings and Dragons free tattoo designs for men Framed Girl Ship and Lighthouse Nautical tattoo by Three Kings Tattoo on chestCrystal Torch Cracken tattoo

    Chest tattoos for women.

    There is a bigger variety of women tattoos on chest, as this zone of a feminine body is special one drawing a lot of attention. This is an intimate spot, not for everyone. Girls prefer some bright tattoo ideas, which could easily be taken as an accessory like a necklace of a flowery garland. Also, some small and cute tattoo ideas like a bow-tie, swallow, foxy are popular among girl tattoo lovers.

    Bytterfly Meets Rose tattoo Small Dagger and Rose on ChestTwo Sparrows Oe Key tattoo

    Woman are much more romantic than men, that’s why logically they just love flower chest tattoos (especially rose). Once there was a trend based on heart drawings. Nowadays, it changed with a steam-punk chest tattoo ideas, for example, metal heart in chains with wings.

    Chest Piece Clock Rose and Moth tattoo by Andres Acosta Abstract Locket Rose tattoo by Andres Acosta

    Also, the common thing is to make tattoo around nipples in the shape of flowers or small hearts. One more original tattoo idea is a spider web with the nipple in the centre. Sometimes girls decorate their breast with a tattoo looking like a bra. And mothers make portraits of their children.

    However, the top part of the areas is not the only placement, girls often choose chest tattoos under breasts. In this case, the tattoo will not be visible even wearing swimming suit or a dress with a deep decollete. This type of chest tattoos could be fairly called the intimate one.

    Blue Ink Mehendi Lotus Tattoo Dotwork Baroque Heart on RibsBelly Symmetry Flower Dotwork tattoo via Qkila

    In a word, chest tattoo is a beautiful and original body drawing, wich will always draw the attention of people around you. Just look through some examples we found for you.

    Cross and Raven Trash Polka tattoo
    Chest Wide Wings Owl Tattoo Thunder Heart tattooSand Watch Blood Old School tattoo by Marked For Life

    Cube Heart tattoo by Jan Mràz Arrow Cracked Rose Scull Dotwork tattoo by Ien LevinOwl Clock Chest tattoo by The Art of London

    Different Quarter on Chest

    Flower Tattoos - Tender and Feminine
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