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For ages, diamonds were highly evaluated for their sparkling beauty, hardness and rareness. Faceted diamond is a constant companion of luxury and huge incomes and jewelers love it for its noble glow and the play of light.

The stone sparkles with all the colors of the rainbow on a sunlight or just a bulb. Diamond tattoo ideas look gorgeous when they are made colorful, but usually drawings are simlified with a usage with only black color.

diamond tattoo on chest heart diamond by Nick Friederich graphic diamond tattoo

Nobility and unusual diamond features had urged people to depict it on their bodies in a form of tattoos. Diamond tattoos are ment to show that the person having it possess an incredibly strong character and an unbreakable will, high social range, bravery, and strength.

A deeply developed symbolism of the stone has its roots in the ancient times. It is believed, that the stone was found for the first time in the 4-th century B. C. in India. And immediately people figured out that this stone is extremely pure and unbelievably hard. These are exactly character qualities that diamond tattoos are meant to exaggerete in a person.

blue diamond tattoo diamond tattoo on hand.jpgdiamond tattoo5

It is considered that the owner of a diamond tattoo will be strong in any even the most violent fight. Due to this particular meaning such tattoo design is a common and often choice of men. However, there is also the other side of the diamond tattoo meaning, for example ancient Persians and Turks believed, that the one who would look at a diamond for a comperatively long period of time, would get rid of rage and irritation, of grim thoughts and sadness. Diamond sparkling can cheer up and positively motivate.

diamond tattoo on hand dotwork diamond tattooblackwork diamond tattoo

In India, Buddha’s throne is made of niumerous sparkling diamonds. The stone is still worshiped as a symbol of stability, balance, faith, enternity. In that region, people have a strong belief, that diamonds can heal different desises just with a slight tough to the sick person’s skin.

Furthermore, there were an oppinion of a diamond as of a strong ward in the Medieaval age. they believed that the stone can particularly protect of poisoning. That’s why a lot of kings, dukes and other representatives of the higher society used to wear diamonds a lot.

golden diamond golden diamond

Diamond tattoo meaning is also connected with a strong magical energy of the stone. According to ancient legends, it not only cures sicknesses but can protect from the evil eye, corruption, bad fortune or deliberate evil. The description of these diamond’s features can be found in Christianity.
There is a whole legend narrating that it is possible even to withstand the Devil with a help of a diamond. Satan can not stand the light coming out of it because for evil forces it is like the glow of the God’s sight.

christ diamond

Deep symbolism and uniquenees of the stone make diamond tattoo a good decoration for men or women body. Besides all those masquline qualities like hadness, bravery, unbreakable will it also has meanings of innoscense, purity and perfection of forms and lines making almost any dimond tattoo design perfect for women too.

diamond tattoo trash polka diamond tattoo

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