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It won’t be a big surprise, that angel tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo ideas nowadays, especially among the weaker sex. Angel tattoos meanings usually express only the best notions and ideas. However, the image of an angel in a tattoo art nowadays has almost nothing to do with religion and belief. The majority of such body drawings have either a magical implication or try to tell about some events connected with being in love.

angel love tattoo by ondrash
MARIE KRAUS angel tattoo love angel tattoo

If an angel is drawn, for example, according to all the rules that is to say having a flattering clothes, thick long hair and fluffy wings, than it can be really somehow be connected with religious vision of these creatures.

Church and Angels tattoo Per Aspera Ad Astra Angel Tattoo
angel tattoo by Niki Norberg

Such thing as angels are also met in the Islam, Judaism and Christianity, of course. However, angel tattoos are a rather rare phenomenon, which is strange, because they say that guardian angel tattoo can really protect its owner from misfortune and troubles.

Amazing Realistic Angel Tattoo on Back angel tattoo2

The whole separate group of angels are Cupids. And there is a whole new way to depict these cute little boys comparing to other angels and artist do they best to show all the creative abilities. Unusual bodies with strange proportions, shining halo (the shining is one of the most difficult things to draw in a tattoo art), arrows and tiny cute bows.

Shoulder Angel Rose tattoo by Andres Acosta Great Seal Tattoo Lodge
cute angel tattoo

Anyone can add some new elements into the already existing angel tattoo design, just use your imagination and give an artist several hints or pieces of advice, let him perform your wishes real. A very good and spread basis for a new tattoo can be, for example, Fallen angel tattoo designs, who had turned to the dark side.

fallen angel tattoo fallen angel tattoo2.jpg

Angel wings tattoo symbolizes kindness, honesty and compassion. Such tattoo designs are usually inked on people’s backs for them to look as real wings. The choice of a tattoo ideas is still up to you, The one thing you should remember is that it is almost impossible to get rid of tattoo, so chose the artist and the tattoo design careful not to be disappointed.

tattoo angel on back angel tattoo on back.jpgangel on back2

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