Dragon tattoo: Features and Designs.

Dragon is one of the most imposing and inspiring mythological creatures. Their influence on the world culture is remarkable especially in Asian countries. And dragon tattoo ideas is one of the most popular among tattoo enthusiasts.
The dragon history goes way back into Ancient China and Japan. There are a lot of myths and legends describing them as giant flying and fire-breathing creatures in those cultures. The main meaning of this image is a mystery and power. Due to such interpretation dragon tattoos are popular among both – men and women. However, the real fame they gained in Western Europe and The USA. On the one hand the culture the dragon tattoo idea drawing comes from is very important, but there are a lot of other factors, like its placement and color that tells of a dragon tattoo meaning even more than the cultural factor.

Huge Claws Dragon tattoo on Chest Antlers Dragon Japanese Tattoo Sleeve

Placement of a dragon tattoo.

While choosing this ancient monster as a tattoo idea, you should remember those things. First of all, the placement. A tattoo design, style, and size are chosen according to the part of the body it will be inked on. And the pose your dragon is drawn can also influence the beauty and quality of your future tattoo.

If the dragon has his wings opened and has a war face with big white fangs exposed, it says about an aggression and hostility in the mix with power.

tattoo by Jess Yen tattoo by Dmitriy Samohin

If the dragon lies peacefully – that suggests of an inner solitude and peacefulness of such tattoo owner.
The positive life attitude is presented by a dragon flying high upwards.
Beware a person who has a tattoo of a dragon flying down, he might be having some bad intentions.

tattoo by Luka Lajoie flying dragon

Dragon tattoo ideas look the best on big areas of the body, as it’s almost impossible to show all the glory and power of the mythical animal in a small tattoo. This is the reason why the best solution is to make a dragon tattoo on back. It gives an artist the whole big canvas for a real masterpiece creation.

It is also not recommended to place a dragon tattoo on leg, especially on a shin or calf because it will be hard for a tattooist to express the whole idea. Try to take your shoulder blade or lower back into consideration instead.

Guilty Red Dragon Full Back japanese tattoo dragon on shoulder

Dragon tattoos for women.

The most popular style of this type of tattoo ideas for girls is the “fairy”, it means that they choose images of fairy tale creatures in a special original style.

Dragon lotus japanese sleeve tattoo

dragonn tatoo on back by stone_tattoo joli dragon tattoo

Dragon tattoo and its color

In dragon tattoo design the color plays not the least part in the definition of its meaning. There is a direct connection between the shades and the message here. Let’s look at the most spread dragon colors.
The black dragon tattoo – respect to parents.

Blue dragon – often suggests the peacefulness, compassion and immortality.

Red dragon – on the one hand, means passion and love, but on the other, – anger, hostility. However this type of creature turns its anger for good, for protection of the family, that’s why this tattoo design can be called the guarding one. It is also very often chosen by parents, who want to protect their children.

Golden dragon tattoo – wisdom, kindness, and mercy.

Yellow dragon – the image which was often used in eastern countries during warfares, apparently its meaning can be read nowadays as a conquest, attack and victory.

Thus, men make such tattoo mainly to show their power and strength. And women with a help of this image try to show their maternity instincts and a need for family.

color tattoo dragon black dragon tattoo

Dragon tattoo for men.

The design is basically the same for both sexes. However, guys sometimes choose more brutal images, for instance, fire breathing dragons with wide wings and exposed sharp teeth. Colors preferred by manhood are black and red, but that is not a rule.

japanese full back tattoo dragon Side Stomach Dragon

japanese dragon tattoo sleeves

Dragon tattoos for women.

They love decorating their dragons with flowers, letterings, etc. make them look fairy-tail style. Woman dragon tattoo ideas can depict animal in such pose that it looks not terrifying, but tender and feminine.

Amazing Graphic Dragon tattoo by Nazo

back dragon tattoo body dragon tattoo

beautifuk dragon tattoo

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