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It’s hard to find a less common topic for a tattoo, than forest tattoos. They are made all over the bodies, men, women – everybody decorates themselves with incredibly awesome drawings of the forest, which can be mystical, sometimes it’s colorful and bright or dark and philosophical, but every time magical and hypnotizing with their beauty.

Forest Tattoo

Forest Tattoo by Nikola Ivanov

wolves in forest tattoo

by unknown artist

Such a variety of tattoo designs it’s a natural phenomenon. Forests had been surrounding humanity all the time. It gave us food, materials for houses, a lot of knowledge. Humanity had always been treating with a lot of respect. People were afraid of it and at the same time, it was impossible to survive without using all the good stuff it gave and this was a place where a lot of us had found their solitude enlightenment and self-improvement.

The mood of the tattoo is what ‘s very important and distinctive, talking about each design. Forest more commonly is drawn in dark shades of colors, drawings are full of sorrow, sadness, coldness and even fear sometimes. Why is it this way? Who knows, just try imagining yourself alone at night in the forest, obviously it would give some creeps. That is probably the historical memory of old believes remaining through generations as a quite echo.  As the wilds are the original place where a lot of the magical creatures came from, which are, by the way, not the kindest beings. We are not even talking about all the predators living in the woods, which would definitely make clear the cause of such kind of forest tattoo designs nature.

forest tattoo on arm

by unknown artist

Bracelet Tattoo

This is probably the second popular after an infinity sign of the wrist kind of tattoo design. Common techniques, in this case, would be blackwork and dotwork techniques. Such tattoos look rather attractive and suggest of the deep inner world of the tattoo owner, in spite this is a mainstream trend. Such bracelets can cover all the forearm from a wrist to an elbow. Thus, tall spruces or other coniferous trees become a basis of these half-sleeve tattoo ideas.

There are also small bracelets, with a size of a thin thread or a ribbon framing forearms and wrists. Sometimes such designs can contain the whole landscape scenes going along with mountain ridges or lakes and other bodies of water. However, it’s worth noting, that such nowadays there are so many tattoo designs of that kind, leading to the really devoted tattoo lovers get sort of sick of them and due to this fact such designs will not underline your original personality, unique outlook.


by carôu chiarelli

Getting back to the aspect of predators and other forest inhabitants, this wouldn’t be a surprise for anyone that forest tattoos often comes in combinations with animalistic tatts. For example, drawing of trees inside a fox or wolf silhouette.

wolf face and forest tattoo sleeve

by Jak Connolly

These are foxes, bears, wolves, hares which appear more commonly in such kind of tattoo ideas. The symbolical meaning of each animal spreads to the whole drawing  in such designs. For instance,

– a fox would tell about cunning, agility, and severe live path;

– a bear – enormous physical strengths, fierce character, and commitment;

– a wolf would tell about reclusive way of life, dull existence, and if there is a pack of wolves it means a strong will, commitment, and faith in the power of the family.

It is also possible to draw woods in a silhouette of a bird, for example, the glorious eagle spreading its wings, let it talk about your need for freedom. In a word, the meanings of such tattoos are equally determined by the symbols and the tattoo owner.

animal in forest tattoo by Alberto Cuerva
by Alberto Cuerva

Wolf Shoulder Tattoo

by Benjamin Smith

In combination with animals, forest tattoos can not only determine features of character but also sort of an attempt to attract attention to the problem of severe wood cutting. Such designs are aimed to say that the planet is losing green cover and look who become homeless (animals in the drawing). Such tattoos are very provocative. Hats off to the owners of such body drawings and their courage, the fact that they have them is a proof that they are all about the problem.

bear forest tattoo by David Cox

by David Cox

The other plot for the topical tattoo design is a hut in the woods. Such drawing provokes thoughts of solitude and loneliness. This is a choice of people, whose outlook is based on the principals and believes formed very long time ago. They know what they want to get from their lives and they definitely stepped further from being just consumers in a broad sense.


by unknown artist

house in the forest by Ela Pour
by Ela Pour

For some people, such a silent shelter is a simple tent. Such ideas are obviously preferable for travelers, hitchhikers, and backpackers

tent tattoo by Jesse Dittmar

by Jesse Dittmar

Mystical Forest Tattoos

The topic of mysticism will be easily covered by dark and grim designs which radiate some sort of evil stuff, black magic, and supernatural interference. Ones of the most breathtaking  scenes are forest roads or thick trees drawn in perspective going deep into the surface of the skin. Such drawings are really spooky and they are the ones which can depict the terror a person can experience staying alone in the wilds at night as it is. They are really able to provoke that primal fear.

Forest Fire Crow Blackwork tattoo

by unknown artist

mystical forest bracelet

by unknown artist

In spite of all its darkness, a forest can be a beautiful place. And it’s completely natural that forests have power to attract creative personalities in their search for inspiration, people who are able to see and feel  that beauty and show it in their artworks. Thus, in good old times artists used to spend hours or even days and weeks admiring  the beauty of Nature and reflecting it on canvas. And nowadays this practice is also common for tattoo artists. A lot of remarkable huge landscapes with mountain ridges, lakes are pleasing eyes of tattoo lovers all over the world. Backs, chests, forearms, thighs – all body parts which can become the canvas for a high-quality big-scale landscape tattoo get decorated with monochrome and colorful art pieces.

Anyway, having such a contradictory nature, forest tattoos had always been and always will be spectacular examples of the modern tattoo art, showing the whole greatness of the human genius and the high development of the technologies giving a possibility to create them.

Negative Scary Forest Blackwork tattoo sleeve idea

by unknown artist

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