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  • Four Leaf Clover Tattoos

    One of the things wich were desired at all times is luck and the four leaf clover tattoos are one of the best luck searching tools. The symbol is rather famous and well-known. It’s believed, that finding a rare kind of clover with only four leaves will bring an impressively good luck to one who finds it. This belief comes from Nothern Europe, England, and Ireland, where this plant which usually has five leaves is widely spread. Once a person finds his or her lucky clover it is necessary to hide it and always keep it for example, in a pocket, ’cause its magic works only when it’s with you. That’s why sometimes people even make realistic four leaf clover tattoos, it’s impossible to loose it.

    The clover tattoo loaded with watercolor beauty.

    Watercolor Calf Clover Tattoo

    by Alexandre Santos Duarte

    Three usual clovers covered up into lucky ones.

    Tree Colvers Cover Up Tattoo

    by Gerard G

    Traditional tattoo with a magical spell “Stay Lucky”

    Stay Lucky Four Leaf Clover

    by Becky Foster

    Green clover-shaped skull is an unusual luck symbol.

    Skull Green Clover

    by Alisha Hefner

    Outlines of the clover with hearts on each of the leaves.

    Side Wrist Clover Tattoo

    by Emilya Lice Johnston

    This is probably a tattoo aimed to protect from evil forces.

    Shoulder Blade Clover Tattoo

    by Thomas B Mendoza

    The identical tattoo copy of the lucky clover the tattoo owner possesses.

    Real Four Leaf Clover Tattoo

    by Jean Alvarez

    Kind of a new school clover with a golden horseshoe.

    Horseshoe Clover Tattoo

    by Paul Fricker

    A purple skull on the hip with a tribal tattoo on the background going up the side of stomach and a lot of four leaf clovers randomly spreading along the whole design.

    Hip Skull Tattoo Four Leaf Clovers

    by Missi Robbe

    The true watercolor tattoo technique makes the inks look like real water paints.

    Green Watercolor Clover Tattoo

    by Betties Kler

    This guy definitely suffered a severe lack of luck, look at the red skin he has, it hurts a lot, but he had gone till the end for his clover tattoo.

    Hand Four Leaf Clover

    by Phoenix Tattoo

    This is how the clover tattoo magic looks like in action.

    Four Leaf Clover Magic Tattoo

    by Skindependent

    The tattoo behind the ear with all the clover splitting apart.

    Four Leaf Clover Behind Ear

    by Monster Ponyy

    The symbolical clover tattoo with each leaf stylized in Celtic style.

    Four Celtic Leaf Clover Tattoo

    by Ruben

    The clover tattoo with each member of the family member ribbons.

    Family Four Leaf Clover Tattoo

    by Elliot Crombie

    The tattoo idea is definitely inspired by the image of a pirate flag.

    Crossed Bones Skull Cloever Tattoo

    by Spurlin Tattoo

    This clover tattoo is not so intense green as common,  but really bright.

    Clover With Shadow Tattoo

    by J Eden Storms

    The anchor symbol in this four leaf clover tattoo idea is borrowed from the nautical tattoos tradition, stating for stability.

    Clover Anchor Tattoo

    by Eduardo França Crocci

    The four leaf clover tattoo on the cheek will give a lot of luck.

    Cheek Tattoo Four Leaf Clove

    by Jon Piper

    Names on each of four leaves and celtic-style heart in the center of the clover tattoo design. Cool way to say who brings luck to the tattoo owner.

    Celtic Heart Clover Tattoo

    by Nicholas Davies

    This four leaf clover tattoo is infinite – brings the infinite love.

    Celtic Four Leaf Clover Tattoo

    by Skin Graffix

    The sea-themed clover tattoo in a frame just a bit lower than a back of the neck.

    Back Tattoo Four Leaf Clover

    by Ricardo Gonzoe Gonzalez

    This four leaf clover tattoo may look pretty simple, but still it serves its function.

    Back Neck Clover

    by unknown artist

    A lot of little clovers around the ankle is great and feminine.

    Anklet Clovers Tattoo

    by Steve Lopez

    An ace is for luck and the clover is for luck and here is the combo – the ace of clovers.

    Ace of Clovers Tattoo

    by Gerald Schifone

    Brock Lesnar Tattoo
    Oak Tattoo Meanings

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