Globe Tattoo Is Not a Simple Map

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Globe tattoo is a universal one, it is also a unisex one. But there is one example – the globe tattoo with an anchor, or a dolphin jumping out of the water, – this is an amazing symbol of NAVY.

Globe Tattoo Globe TattooGlobe Tattoo

Nowadays, globe tattoo meanings are more philosophical. It says that the person consider himself to be a citizen of the world, loves travelling, discovering new lands, cities continents and countries.

Globe Tattoo Globe Tattoo
Globe Tattoo7 Globe Tattoo

An additional meaning of the globe tattoo emerges when there is some place marked on the sphere, some geographical point, having some personal meaning for the tattoo owner, for example, hometown, emigration country, army serving area. Globe tattoo is also aimed to claim that the owner had gone through the equator and around the planet. The achievement mark.

Globe Tattoo

Sometimes shorelines and continents are slightly changed. A kids’ named can be written on them, names of beloved. The tattoo owner wants to show the level of appreciation for these people with the help of such body drawing. They are the whole world for him, the main thing he lives for. Globe tattoo designs look good in a combination with other tattoo symbols. It can be colorful or black and gray.

Globe Tattoo Globe TattooGlobe Tattoo

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