24 Cool Guitar Tattoo Designs

If you judge a person by topical tattoos in his or hers body, you won’t be mistaken to consider one to be a creative person or an artist if there are musical tattoos. The whole life of such people is completely connected with music, this bound is expressed by body drawings, like for example guitar tattoos. Guitar tattoo designs can be colorful or black and gray. they are usually placed on forearm, shoulder, back or other parts of the body.

watercolor spine tattoo

by Rodrigo Tas

arm guitar tattoo

by bruno anti

trash polka guitar tattoo by javierfranko

by javierfranko

The shape of a guitar is very similar to the woman’s shape of the body. The sound of a guitar can touch the deepest strings of human soul provoking strongest feelings followed by the tune.
Gitar tattoo meaning is the reaching the highest skill in creativity and the pacification of the soul and its harmonically balanced development during all the life. It is considered that such tattoo can give its owner a good luck in all his doings and in a career. The man with a guitar tattoo is usually happy, kind and cheerful person
A modern interpretation of guitar tattoos says that this is a symbol of rock music. Often the image of this musical instrument can be found on bodies of those, who is closely connected with this culture – musicians, fans, composers or just music lovers. For those, who makes music, guitar tattoo can become a charm calling for inspiration and the rise of creative thinking.

rockstar guitar tattoo

by Jessi Manchester

red guitar tattoo

by scotty_robotty

rocknroll guitar tattoo

by kingsroadrebecca

rock guitar tattoo

by Josh Oshier

rock tattoo

by Tomás Bizama

True fans of rock-n-roll also use guitar tattoos as an emblem of their passion. They can also add some letterings, quotations of they favourite songs making the tattoo design even better.

guitar quote

by unknown artist

guitar tattoo by Jeff Bermingham

by Jeff Bermingham

guitar notes tattoo

by peppstattoo

However, not only letterings can be added to guitar tattoo designs, there are a lot of variants of things to add. Young admirers of this musical instrument and its sound prefer to make a tattoo of a guitar with wings, like saying that they are guided by the wind. If the guitar appeared in drawing surrounded with flames, there is some aggression or self-assurance of the person who has it.

guitar wings tattoo

by Cookie

tattoo quote

by rafaserranotattoo

flying guitar tattoo

by J Eden Storms

Common placements for guitar tattoo designs are arms, forearms, shoulders and backs. Girls prefer to put such tattoos on a stomach. The color of the tattoo design is also very important. Most popular of them are – shades of brown, yellow, white and black. The number of the strings also is of a huge importance for guitar tattoo meaning. And you are the one to decide. And also you are the one to decide the meaning of your own guitar tattoo.

traditional guitar tattoo

by dickie_gold

art guitar tattoo

by Tomasz TOFI Torfinski

bass guitar tattoo

by @1maddtatter

flowers and guitar tattoo

by Daniel Yepez

watercolor guitar tatt

by unknown artist

abstract guitar tattoo

by junior_tattooyou

gibson tattoo

by 24twelve

classic guitar

by xneophyte

watercolor tattoo

by valerydrewtattoo

guitar tree tattoo

by tom_s_playground_tattoo

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