Heart Tattoo – the Oldest Symbol in Tattoo Art

The image of the heart in all times symbolized love, romance and the life force that is why heart tattoos are not losing their popularity. The meanings of heart tattoo designs can be different, but almost always they are connected with its owner. They can be made in different styles and the idea of the drawing depends on the context the heart appear in it.

heart tattoo by Nick Friederick dotwork heart tattoo

Understanding of the fact that this organ is not simply the pump providing blood circulation is a common knowledge since the oldest times. We can feel with, make decisions and it is basically the source of all human emotions.

One of the most popular heart tattoo ideas nowadays is a heart framed with some lettering. In most cases, it is a name of close or beloved person. The tattoo idea with a simple but so precious word “mother” became popular in the second half of the XX century among sailors and bikers. And during the World War II heart tattoo used to remind soldiers of families they had left, and their motherland – the idea they fight for.

family heart tattoo dad mom tattootrue love tattoo

The heart framed with thorns is a typical representative of religious heart tattoos. It depicts suffering and pain, which Jesus Christ had to experience for all the sins of humanity. Catholic Church celebrates the Feast of the Sacred Heart each year.

As we’ve said earlier the heart tattoo meaning depends a lot on the drawing details. The heart wings tattoo stands for the love and that this strong feeling is above all the world. The Broken heart tattoo is a symbol of the lost love and disappointment. Such tattoo is made in memory of some close person you used to love and the one who can’t be forgotten.

Burning Heart Viva la Vida tattoo by Illsynapse

broken heart tattoo wings heart tattoo

The sign of courage is that heart tattoo design, which depicts it along the sword or arrows. Such drawing was widely spread in Medieval times, during Crusades and knight bravery acts. However, if the sword pierces the heart in tattoo – that is a mark of betrayal and inner suffering provoked by your beloved. The one pierced with an arrow is considered to be the symbol of strong contradictory emotions the love gives.

heart tattoo by Dewey at Horns Cool Heart traditional tattoo

heart tattoo by Victor Montaghini heart tattoo2

Some colors in the case of heart tattoo also gain some special meanings. White heart – is a symbol of care for sick people since 1999 (The international symbol). Golden heart – is a love to God and faithfulness. The black heart in most cases stands for grief of a horrible loss – the awful experience of the tattoo owner.

finger heart tattoo tattoo by Thomas Petuccoyellow heart tattoo matt lambdin tattoo

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