Incredibly Beautiful Space Tattoos

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All of these tattoo owners had chosen the easier way to admire the beauty of the night sky. These guys do not need to look up to see galaxies, stars and planets. They don’t even need a telescope. They can find all that on their bodies! And you will be amazed how awesome all those space tattoos are!

Sky Space Tattoo on Shoulder

by Tayfun Bezgin

Black Ring Dotwork Planet Tattoo on Arm

by Okanuckun

Back Planets

Unknown artist

Astronaut Beer Space Tattoo

by Oleg Kolomiets

Far Planet Thought tattoo

by AD Pancho

Space Barrens Sky tattoo sleeve

Unknown artist

Death Impact Space Tattoo

by Pavel Krim

Space Blackwork tattoo sleeve

Unknown artist

Universe Meteor New School tattoo sleeve by The Art of London

by The Art of London

Galaxy Clock Arm tattoo

by Andrés Acosta

3D Chest Space

Unknown artist

In Shkin Atom Galaxy tattoo by Andres Acosta

by Andres Acosta

Space leg tattoo

Unknown artist

Corsett Space

by Ant Iannucci

Solar system

Unknown artist

Bubble Planets

by Nastya Vilks

Cat Eye Space Arm

Unknown artist

by Adrian Bascur

by Adrian Bascur

Unknown artist

Unknown artist

Realistic Space Sleeve

Unknown artist

Nebula tattoo

by Tyler Malek

Planets Sleeve

Unknown artist

Nebula Shoulder

by TJ Schunemann

Glitch Space

Unknown artist

by Olga Grigoryeva

by Olga Grigoryeva

Devastating Space

Unknown artist

Dying Galaxy tatoo sleeve by Agat Artemji

by Agat Artemji

Think of Space tattoo

by Rich Pineda

Eye Space Tattoo

Unknown artist

Space Smoking Scull Aquarelle tattoo by Koray Karagözler

by Koray Karagözler

Glaxy space tattoo

Unknown artist

Space Kid Aquarelle tattoo by Koray Karagözler

by Koray Karagözler

Space Voyager DNA tattoo sleeve

Unknown artist

Leg Space

by Nikki Simpson

Pink Space Planets tattoo sleeve

Unknown artist

Solar System Planets tattoo by Sven Rayen

by Sven Rayen

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