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Tattoo of the sign of infinity is one of the most simple designs for a body drawing, but it do not suffer the lack of a depth of its meanings. The infinity itself is not a simple mathematical symbol but purely magical sign. Infinity tattoo designs are performed not only depicting just a horizontal “eight” but also accompanied by different other symbols or with a usage of numerous patterns.

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The origin of the sign is not connected with mathematical scienses, as many people think. This symbol was found in tibetan rock carvings, it looked like a drawing of a snake biting its own tail. According to the legend, this serpent’s name was Uroboros, and his main desire was to swallow himself, but the length of his body grew as he bit another piece of himself. And this efforts continued through the enternity. In this way the symbol described the unity of the begining and the end.
The image of Uroboros was is also found in cutures of Ancien Greece, Egypt and India.

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The infinity tattoo meaning is a desire to live with no limits, as the sign itself suggests that it has no bounds. Also, such tattoo can mean a constant growth, perpetual self-development, and eternal intention to go forward. Infinity tattoo design is often a choice of self-confident people of creative occupations.

In theology the spiral of infinity means absolute and impossibility to learn and comprehend the world order. eternal intention to comprehend God and the lack of possibility to reach this. Philosophy connects the symbol with inability to calculate the time and space, suggesting the infinity of nature in its creative power and potential.

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Owners of infinity tattoos often put a lot of personal and deep meanings in their body drawings. For someone it stands for everlasting love or endless lonelyness, and for someone it is a reminder of past and future.

Some people chose infinity tattoo give it a sense of inability to comprehend the world, eternity of life, and numerous of rebirthes. Common case is also to make infinity couple tattoo, claiming that they wil love each other for ever.

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Infinity tattoo wil look great on any part of the body, however, the most common placement for this tattoo idea is wrist.

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