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  • Inner Arm Tattoo

    Dwelling upon inner arm tattoos, first of all, it is necessary to tell that softness of the skin in that particular area absolutely does not serve the aim of making the whole process of tattooing less painful. Especially, when an eagle is reaching closer to the wrist. Surprisingly, but arms and their inner sides are nearly the first in line to get body drawings. Moreover, forearms are statistically the most inked place on the human body. In spite of the fact that there are several problematic issues connected with this particular tattoo placement, about them we will talk at the end of this article.

    (Let’s better take more time talking about art. As the art is the only reason why we all gathered here, didn’t we?)

    So, what images usually become inner arm tattoo ideas?

    This placement leaves a lot of freedom to tattoo artist from the point of view of creating really aesthetically beautiful  body drawings.  Due to several reasons arms had become the most inked part of the body.  This had happened naturally. First of all, for example, the forearm is nearly the most exposed area and it is really easy to show off having a tattoo there.

    There are a lot of tattoos that’s why there is an astonishing variety of designs. However, some vague tendencies are possible to trace. The logic of tattoo design pick is based on the place where the tattoo is supposed to be placed. According to existing tattoos, we suggest, in the means of exploring different ideas, to divide an arm into two parts – top and bottom, which are forearm and bicep, ‘cause these areas inflict the tattoo design choice very differently.

    Inner Forearm Tattoo.

    The shape of this part itself suggests that the tattoo design placed here should be either small to fit completely on the approximately the single surface, not falling off the curves, or it should be some oblong drawing.

    Anyone who has at least something to do with tattoo art, anyone who is fond of it, will definitely recall one of the most prominent world known artist Dr. Woo and loads of artworks he had created. His fame is easily explainable, as the artist is capable of making the penny-sized tattoo with incredibly accurate lines and a really high amount of smallest details.

    From the other hand, a lot of tattooists working in different styles are specialized in miniatures. So, this would be really impolite to get limited with one artist’s artworks, examples are numerous placed on forearms and wrists.

    If the dotwork style plays a role of the main technique in creating miniature tattoo, rather bigger variety of styles and performance ways are used in creating oblong tattoo ideas. Such as old school, neo-traditional, watercolor. There are also flowers and other floral and natural ideas, letterings etc. We’ll cover all of these groups one by one.

    Old school ideas – is a some sort of a tradition which appeared naturally long time ago. Decades ago, to make a tattoo used to be “equal” to a some kind of a social position, that the person was not as everyone else, that he is a real badass, and it is better not to mess with him. And usually tattoo ideas expressing aggression, danger, violence etc appeared on the previous century men’s arms. To be clear, such drawings as a skull in fire, dagger and snake…

    old school tattoo

    unknown artist

    brassk nuckle inner arm tattoo

    by Joe Tattoo

    Sometimes men could ink a drawing of a lady on their forearm. It didn’t matter, it could look as a cartoon character or look as much realistic as the style, the basis of which are thick outlines and intense coloring with almost complete absence of gradients and shades, lets.

    The majority of nautical designs can also be considered the old school or neo-traditional tattoos. The Classical performance of such drawings follows canons of styles mentioned. The topic is very rich – anchors, ships, compasses, stars, mermaids, steering wheels and countless lighthouses.

    Three Tails Anchor Fish Nautical tattoo

    unknown artist

    Watercolor tattoo style is usually the privilege of the fair sex. The drawing is bright, splashy, attracts a lot of attention – perfect for girls, in a word. However, some men also choose this technique. There is no definite plot line for all the style, of course, flowers are a perfect match for it, but that is not a limit. Animals, plants, nature, abstraction and other, basically limited with the fantasy of artists and nothing else. All drawings look incredibly beautiful.

    Watercolor techniques are the most common for flowers depiction. From roses, an artistic embodiment of love and breakup, to tender lilies and philosophical lotuses. However, there is a separate way to make a flower tat in neo-traditional style representatives – a design consisting of several buds placed closely one to another. Such drawing is very common for an inner forearm. from all other points of view flower tattoos can be absolutely different.

    Inner Bicep tattoos

    There are a lot of tattoos placed there, but the amount them is much lower in comparison to the forearm. The reason is, that one should have a necessary physical shape, work out a lot. As if you are aimed to underline the beauty or strengths of your muscles with a tattoo, there should be muscles, shouldn’t there? Due to such a peculiarity bicep tattoos are usually quite big occupying nearly the whole area. There are various drawings, but the realistic eye tattoo is one of the most common ideas.

    Amazing Graphic Eye realistic tattoo on Hand

    Unknown artist

    At this point, the 3D tattoos on the inner arm come along. The biceps are exactly the placement, on which artists are giving their designs the 3-dimentional aspect while creating realistic images. And there is nothing to be surprised of, as the shape of this muscle implies such a way of treating the surface. Yet, 3D design, abstract as a rule, are also placed on forearms.

    Biceps Eye realistic tattoo

    unknown artist

    Arm Mechanical Bug

    by Helena Addams

    Sometimes such drawings on a living human look creepy. And definitely undoubted  leaders in creepiness among 3D tattoos are biomechanical ideas. Inner forearm biomechanical tattoos one of the most popular ways to ink this part of the body. As if artists are inspired with one famous scene of the Terminator 2: Judgment Day movie, they are creating hundreds of variations of the way the mechanism, the metallic skeleton under their clients’ skin could look like.

    Piston Arm biomechanic tattoo

    unknown artist

    Biomechanical organic hand tattoo

    unknown artist

    Perfect Tattoo Placement for Couples

    Forearms and their inner side, in particular, are one of the best placements for couple tattoo ideas. And this is obvious! Drawings are exposed, while beloved are hands. It is also possible to make not simply identical or similar designs, but split one design into two halves – one for each. And place them in a such a way that hese halves combined together when forming a complete drawing. An artistic way to express very trivial, but so cute phrases like “I can’t live without you”, “Only together we are full”.

    Avocado Couple tattoo

    unknown artist

    Dotwork Wolf and Fox Couple tattoo

    unknown artist

    Lettering tattoos are emerging in a rather great amount, at this point. Though, the opposite side of the forearm is the most common lettering placement, as an obvious tribute to the Chicano, gangster, and religious tattoo styles as well as the whole hip-hop culture in general. A lot of people engrave well-known sayings and phrases with a deeply personal meaning on the inner side of the forearm with no rules towards the tattoo styles or fonts.

    Aquarelle Blue Sky and Hard Rock Lettering tattoo by Jason Middelton

    by Jason Middelton

    Barbiie letter innerarm tattoo

    from @sabrinaahxo

    Advantages and Disadvantages.

    The very first advantage of the placement is that such tattoo is noticeable and exposed almost constantly, especially during the summer time. This is at the same time its main disadvantage. It is very difficult to hide. The thing is, that despite all the free will and freedom of self-expression propaganda, not everyone are so much excited about tattoo art and even do not treat as the real art, but something bizarre, absurd and sometimes even disgusting. In a word, they don’t want to be surrounded by inked people.

    It is not a problem if it happens to be some your acquaintance,  when it is possible just not to see this guy. And what this is your boss. Or, as it happens very often, the policy of the company you are applying for a job to, forbids tattoos. Then a tat turns into a real problem destroying your entire career and wealth. In addition, it does not have a solution except stepping back. White office shirt doesn’t help to hide the drawing, tattoo remains visible through the thin cloth. Simple handshake – and you are busted.

    People around the world are trying to fight or their right to have tattoos. They are writing letters to governments, gathering meetings, raising the issue on the television and internet. All for lower the degree of intolerance towards their choice on the official level. And in Russia inked community had even made a so-called Inked March. Not a crowd but they try.

    And it is up to you, whether  to make an inner arm tattoo. They definitely look marvelous, but sometimes the sacrifice doesn’t worth it. So, don’t rush and make this decision very carefully, as there would be no way back. Think it over.

    Hope, you liked this article and have found something useful and new. Press “like” button below and share the article with your friends. Thanks!

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