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  • It’s Not So Simple With Hand Tattoo

    Nowadays people make a lot of effort to express themselves using any possible ways to reach this goal. The appearance changing is the most effective way with unlimited possibilities. And it doesn’t finish with changing of the clothes style, but the tattooing and piercing are taking are the weapon of choice too. Hand for the last ones is one of the best places for those who has no need to hide the drawing.

    Mating Timeless Rose tattoo by Andres Acosta Mandala Star Flower on Hand

    Hand tattoo and its features.

    Hands are the most open and visible part of the body right after the face. And they are almost always on display. That’s why making a tattoo there is a huge decision that need to be thought carefully and it also has pros and contras.

    The possibility to show their tattoo constantly is a good news for people not wanting to hide their unique body features, for those who consider tattoo not the private thing, but the public one. If there is a desire for a tattoo to show who you are before your behavior will do this, the hand is an ideal tattoo place for this purpose.

    Allover graphic traditional free tattoo designs for men Map tattoo

    However, you should keep in mind the problems connected with dress-code in huge companies. If there is a need to hide such ways self-expression and follow the rules such tattoo would definitely break all of them. Just think of it. Can you imagine the office worker especially of a high rank giving a hand for a shake and it’s all painted? It’s not the business style. That is why it’s better to choose some other easy to hide spot of the body if there are some rules standing an obstacle for a hand tattoo.

    Hand rose tattoo picture for men

    The other feature is the procedure of tattooing itself. It’s a common knowledge that making the tattoo is not the most pleasant thing in the world. With hand tattoos, things get much worse. Hands have a lot of receptors which makes the tattooing very painful. Moreover, the qualification of the artist should be very high, as he will have to work on a very curvy and small area surface.

    Many Different tattoo sleeve

    And the last thing, which everybody forget of, is the attitude towards tattoo and the trend changes with time. It’s hard to choose very original and unique hand tattoo idea, usually some simple letterings, ornaments or symbols. Often people make a try to copy some celebrity hand tattoos.
    However, fashion changes as the taste does and in a couple of years the tattoo you used to love will only irritate you instead, especially if it was done under some influence. It will be always on display upsetting you. To remove the tattoo would be very expensive and not less painful, than to make it. That is why the decision to make a tattoo has to be done after of a good thinking over.

    Skull Mouth tattoo on Hand Back of Hand Mike Tyson tattoo

    Traditional ravens and sculls free tattoo designs for men Beautiful Smile of Monami Frost

    Girl hand tattoos appeared not so long ago and for ages drawings on that part of the body were just for men. Plus, the public used to associate them with tattoos made in prison. And to break one’s beliefs is a hard task. However, women hands started to bloom with different drawings with time and a variety of women hand tattoo ideas nowadays is limited only with the size and shape of the hand.

    With no doubt the choice of a tattoo idea depends on each woman’s style. It’s almost impossible to say that this drawing is in trends and the other one – not. The feedback will not make you wait too long of any tattoo idea you’ll choose, that’s why the fashion doesn’t matter. If a woman is used to shock people with her appearance she might choose the tattoo idea leaving no ink free spot. For a more elegant type of women, there could be lettering hand tattoos spreading on wrists, abstract curves or lonely small elements.

    Blue Rose Flower Tattoo on the Back of Hand Snowflake Hand tattoo

    The most popular among women are broken heart tattoo ideas, names of beloved and some important dates. Young girls are interested in small butterfly hand tattoos, swallows, stars, sometimes tattoo charms and couple hand tattoo ideas. The last ones are the hardest to choose as they have to fit for both.

    Eye and Mandala Mehendi Hand tattoos Family First Lettering tattoo on Hands by Dr Woo

    Remember that black or dark grey tattoo will draw the less attention especially if it’s not too big. Neat drawing, for example, the one imitating a ring on any of fingers will naturally fit in any outfit. Or a brace made of phrase on a foreign language. And colorful hand tattoo ideas will definitely draw a lot of attention. This effect will grow if these are skulls crucifixes which are treated very contraversive.

    Draw or Die Hand Tattoo Blurry and Sharp Sleeve Edge Blackwork tattooBack of The Hand Two Colors Dotwork tattoo by 2vision Estudio

    The important thing to remember the skin on hands refreshes very intensive comparing to other parts of the body, but not evenly. The consequence is that the drawing will get blurry faster on fingers or palm. The tattoo stays changeless longer on the back of the hand.

    Big Ben Tower Clock tattoo by Westfall Tattoo Incredible Abstract Trash Polka tattoo Sleeve

    In any case, if you like the idea to ink your hands, just do it. Especially if you have already found the hand tattoo idea you like which fit your character and stuff. Just consider all the facts listed in the article and then make an appointment at the tattoo shop you love. Have no doubt!

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