Cool Ladybug Tattoos

small ladybug tattoo on wrist

Ladybug Tattoo by Galata Tattoo

Unlike other insects, this tiny little red creature with cute black dots is beloved by many people and makes a lot of us smile. That’s why ladybug tattoos are so perfect for young happy and smiling women. Ladybug small tattoo designs with a size of a penny look as great as a big one, for instance, on the whole shoulder blade. Such tattoo will look elegant and bright.

Paw Print Ladybug Tattoo

by AAA Tattoo

Dimond Ladybugs Tattoo in Flowers


Dotwork Ladybug Tattoo on Arm

by Aleksander Lew

Ladybug Tattoo on Forearm

by Ancient Rituals

Flowers Ladybug Tattoo

by Audrey Anderson

Two Ladybugs Tattoo

by Camille Bridoux

Chest Ladybug Tattoo for Girl

by Chris Greenewald

Simple Ladybug Tattoo

by Ciera Sedar

Heart Ladybug Tattoo

by Dalriada

Wet Ladybug Tattoo

by Dan Lenny Blaszkowski

Ancient people believed that a ladybug was an intermediate between the world of alive and dead. In Scandinavian countries, it still believed that this tiny peaceful insect brings luck in the area of romance and love.

In wild nature, this bug saves plans from parasites. So, the symbol can serve a good charm. Also, its image is closely connected with the Sun due to its color. As the Sun gives and supports life on the planet, a ladybug is also a symbol of birth. If it sits on a hand of a single woman, by counting black dots on its shell, she can predict a number of children she will have.

Ladybug Tattoo on Hand

by Danae Lynn

Ruby Ladybug Tattoo

by Daniel Torres

Waterdrops Ladybug Tattoo

by Derek Ketner

Butterfly and Ladybug Tattoo

by Derek Sean Lilly

Baroque Ladubug Tattoo Idea

by Derrick Bee

Foot Tattoo Ladybug

by Eleven

Realistic Ladybug Tattoo

by Francesco Ferraiolo

Ladybugs On Leafs Tattoo

by Gericsek Tattoo Artist

Ladybug Tattoo on Heel

by Francesco Ranalli

Ladybug on Grass Tattoo

by fervescentattoo

Also, a ladybug is met in the myths of the Ancient Greece, but it is an embodiment of the unfaithful goddess of Zeus, which he punished by turning into the insect. Ladybug tattoo meanings are luck, warning of a danger, peacefulness, and the symbol of the sun.

Such tattoo is a choice of young and calm women, who love beauty and luxury. It looks bright and spicy, at the same time it is usually small enough to be easily hidden under the clothes. There are a lot of popular varieties of ladybug tattoos: sitting on a leaf, crawling, flying, two ladybugs etc.

Schematic Ladybug Flight Tattoo

by hailey klar

Arm Ladybugs Tattoo

by Hanne Vartiainen

Neo-Traditional Ladybug Tattoo on Shoulder


Ladybug Tattoo on Back

by Laurie Fortuné

Skull Ladybug Tattoo

by Leanne White Rock Tattoo

Berries Ladybug Tattoo on Foot

by Lucky Devil

Arm Tattoo Flying Ladybug

by Marta Rzyska

Rose Ladybug Tattoo

by Ironclad Tattoo Co

Flying Ladybug Tattoo

by Joey Boon

Realistic Ladybug Tattoo on Shoulder

by Marcin Ptak

With a different amount of dots on its shell, a ladybug tattoo can grant its owner some gifts. One dot gives an assist in all new business, job or anything else which is done for the first time. Two dots – help to rich a balance between the inner and outer world of a person, a tattoo with three dots is a sign of the right choice.

Ladybug tattoo with four dots will protect from betrail or thieves; with five or six dots will support in work or studying. But the best variant is seven dots – the universal one – giving its owner luck in anything she wants.

Ladybug Tattoo Design

by Nathaly Bonilla

Very Small Ladybug Tattoo

by Vera Isaksson

Realistic Ladybug Tattoo on Hand

by Tony Nguyen

Chest Tattoo Ladybug

by Steph Addams

Tattoo Ladybug on Leafs

by Simone Forgelli

Ruby Ladybug Tattoo on Back

by Paper Ink

Tiny Ladybug Tattoo

by Mule Tattoo

Geometric Ladybug Tattoo

by Moni Schwartz

Watercolor Ladybug Tattoo

by Milan Belej

Tiny Realistic Ladybug Tattoo

by Michèle Acontrecourant


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