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For those who are not soo deeply into tattoo art, the body drawings described simply as a “lantern” would definitely seem rather weird and unusual, ’cause there is obviously nothing special about lanterns. However, those people for whom tattoos are way more than just fun, who take body marks as a beautiful art, treat lantern tattoos with a great respect. All because of the symbol’s meaning which they know well.

Lantern Tattoo

by Artemij Saveljev

cross lantern tattoo by etinktattoo

by etinktattoo

Moth Lantern Holding Owl tattoo by Led Coult

by Led Coult

lantern tattoo

by Andrew Mullen

death with lantern tattoo

by DaPirate Mike Bibler

dotwork lantern tattoo on neck

by ACE Tattooer

lantern and spider tattoo by Mike Cann

by Mike Cann

dark lantern

by Erik House

Lantern stands for the happiness, the beginning of the good days, the ending of any possible difficulties occurring lately, – all misfortune is about to end. However, the way the let’s say lamp looks like in a tattoo design is also a matter of the greatest importance. For instance, the pumpkin lantern tattoo symbolizes the protection from the dark forces, obsessions – this is a tattoo charm.

A gaslamp on a pillar means perseverance and purity of thoughts. Such tattoo is one of the best in attracting “bright” ideas and assisting to bring all their shine and sparkling into a life. It is connected with the history, when first lantern pillars appeared. The point is, that the period, when first lanterns were being assembled all over Paris, was called by contemporaries the “Shining age”.

graphic lantern tattoo

by Jay Quarles

lantern tatt by unknown artist

unknown artist

red lantern

by Bree Arkham

snowman in latern by Jina Allday

by Jina Allday

And if there is a lantern held in a hand or simply a flashlight it means that the lantern tattoo’s owner is used not to depend on luck and to be the master of his or her own fate. People with such tattoos, as a rule, do not get desperate, but always believe in themselves.

lantern in hand tattoo


tattoo sleeve lantern and crown by Mike Soria

by Mike Soria

nautical lantern tatt

by Alex Pinna

lantern in hand tattoo

by kengotattoo

lantern in my hand tattoo

by Shane Copeland

skull candle tattoo lantern

by Andrea Lanzi

king and queen aroun lantern tattoo

by Kade Mack

And as with many other good symbols, lantern tattoo designs are also supposed to be created personally. The problem with borrowed lantern tattoo ideas is as follows – all the elements of the sketch had been created to form some definite meaning for the specific person and there is a great chance that such tattoo wouldn’t help, but would only make more harm.

snake and lantern tattoo by Marco Boccanera

by Marco Boccanera

heart in lantern by Dan Berry

by Dan Berry

space in latern tattoo

by beechertattooist

dotwork lantern tattoo

by ilja hummel

traditional lantern tattoo

by diegocalacatattoo

Candle Lantern New School Leg tattoo by Victor Chil

by Victor Chil

graphic lantern tattoo

by K͙E͙V͙I͙N͙ U͙P͙T͙O͙N͙

owl and lantern tattoo on chest

by Alli MacGregor

broken lantern tattoo

by Chris Paez

green lantern tattoo by Steve Janusz

by Steve Janusz

heart lantern tattoo

by coske_tat2

lantern and rat sketch by TATTOO 3000

by TATTOO 3000

home in lantern tattoo

by Gabriele Maldini

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