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Love is an illness, which people are not hurrying to get rid of. Happiness and loss, memories of a good marry days, loyalty vows – all these can be immortalized with the help of tattoo art. The meaning and main function of love tattoo is to hold the feeling, hold the memories of your love a desire to keep it forever. And making true love tattoo, you are not only carving it on your body, but also deep into your soul. The love tattoo design can look any possible ways and contain different symbols.

Both Hands Named Heart Trash Polka tattoo by Live Two tattoo love

Often in this topic there are love quotes tattoos or drawings of different love symbols. These are short letterings like names, initials of beloved or even long poetic sayings about strong feelings or some mottos describing this emotional state. The most popular of letterings, in this case, is a simply “Love” or One love – one life tattoo.Those who love Eastern

one life one love love mom tattoo

Those who love Eastern philosophy, culture, and Feng shui choose Chinese hieroglyphs Love, Internal love, Happiness. Love is a feeling connecting two people that’s why this case suggests the need for love tattoos for couples either drawings or letterings. A couple can also have matching love tattoos like halves of a heart, or, for example, rings (the unity symbol) placed symmetrically.

Mating Dotwork Couple tattoo by Corey Divine


couples love tattoo couples lovers tattoo

The oldest and the most understandable image symbolizing love is a heart. It can be tiny or gigantic depending on the person’s preferences. Love heart tattoos can be made in one color, however, the most common are scarlet ones. It is also possible to add wings or a red rose to this tattoo idea.

love tattoo and keycouples lovers tattoo2

Another oftenly met symbol of love is infinity. Sometimes the name of beloved, some quote or motto is written into such elegant horizontal eight.

Live in love chest tattoo

love on arm

Love charms are also doing a good job protecting the feeling of two people. For example, a ladybug will bring happiness and angel will hide their bound with his big wings from any cruel world’s influence.

There are also such thing as love summoning tattoos, and they are not less important than charms. Passion and sex are presented in this case by a dolphin and a frog, a lily flower stands for love tenderness and rose – for its passion.

bird love tattoo bird love tattoo3bird love tattoo

Small love tattoos are inked on wrists or ankle. Big ones are placed

on shoulders, back and chest. And there is no matter which love tattoo idea you choose, the main thing is that it is the one of a kind, as your feelings should be.

love tattoo on the rib love love


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