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A wolf tattoo is meant for intelligent, strong and for the people who know what their goals are. The animal we are talking about was always admired and respected. That’s why the flood of people eager to have wolf tattoos never ends.

Arm Wolf an Night Tattoo

by Halasz Matyas

Stomach Wolf Tattoo

Brian Povak

Being a born hunters wolfs the had been nearly main competitors in fighting for food to mankind, that’s why they associated with trickery, violence and evil. Glowing eyes in the darkness, a habit of hunting at night and communicating with a howl – all this factors connected wolfs with the underworld in people’s minds. However, men had always admired their bravery, strengths and amazing huntinhg skills.

Main wolf tattoos meanings are courage, bravery, loyalty, stamina and freedom. The man, who had chosen this tattoo design had to fit the wolf’s character – be independent, strong, be loyal to your family and friends, and selfasured. Wolf tattoo in any case do not fit weak, shy and light-headed people.

Girl in Wolf Skin Tattoo

by Evgeny Mel

Guzman Perez tattoo

by Guzman Perez

Angry Growling Wolf Tattoo on Arm Dangerous Growling Wolf tattoo

Wolf tattoo usually goes on back, shoulder or chest. wolf tattoo ideas on other parts of the body are rather rare. A lot of people prefer monochrome picture. Tattoo design can be realistic, or cartoonish.

Iliya Dementiev tattoo

by Iliya Dementiev

Andrey Lukovnikov tattoo

by Andrey Lukovnikov

Moon Wolf Tattoo wolf on back

There are loads of wolf tattoo designs. Each of them has a unique meaning. For example, a howling wolf means lonelyness, and sometimes a betrail the person suffered.
There are different ways of depicting wolfs like:
– Growling wolf – agression, cruelty.
– Running wolf tattoo suggests danger, adrenaline, the need for speed and risk, need for travelling and adventures.
– Wolf in grasp means the desire to fight inner difficulties.
– A warewolf tattoo symbolizes the dark side of the person which the person wants to tame.
– A shewolf tattoo (especially drown near cubs) is a symbol of loyalty, support and care.
– A white wolf tattoo says that the tattoo ower is a strong, fearless, extraordinary person, the lonely warrior.
– A wolf in fire tattoo or red-eyed wolf is a symbol of witchcraft, wizardry meaning demons and dark forces.

Paul Acker tattoo

by Paul Acker

Jacob Pedersen wolf tattoo

by Jacob Pedersen

wolf tattoo and moon Heather Bailey tattoo

moon wolf

However, the choice of the wolf tattoo design should be done wisely, as any kind of tattoos ideas.

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