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 night sky tattoo landscape

The Night Sky Tattoo by TJ Schunemann is an amazing landscape tattoo with a sleeping fores and fantastically clear night sky with a cool nebula.

night sky by JeremiasTattoo

by Jeremias Tattoo

Body drawings can be of different topics and themes and one of the most popular is night sky tattoo and all other relative and closely connected with it. There are plenty of tattoo artworks dedicated to the highly philosophical symbology of the night sky. So, what does the night sky tattoo mean and what kinds of them there are?

rain sky by VitaliTree Tattoo

by VitaliTree Tattoo

sky and galactics by Adam Kieniarski

by Adam Kieniarski

The theme of the night is associated with the archetype of darkness and mystery. Night symbols are very different. During the Renaissance a night used to be associated with the devastating power and even death. Different ghosts, spirits, witches etc. are typical for such type of drawings.

stars in the sky tattoo by CHIQUINHO GOMES


cool night sky tattoo by camtastictattoos

by camtastictattoos

If to dwell upon the symbol of the night in poetry, which can easily be transferred into the tattoo art, it appears to be an absolute opposition to what we’ve said earlier. Here, the night is full of magically beautiful mystery, the sky is drawn clear in this case with a lot of stars shining brightly. There can also be a silver moon or other romantical elements found in the night sky and the designs are big.

sky and planet by Melissa Wylde

by Melissa Wylde

awesome night sky tattoo by Saraloni Troupe

by Saraloni Troupe

On the other hand, the meaning of night as the time of passionate love, is covered. This is a sort of the mystical mystery.

night sky and palm tattoo by Missi Blue

by Missi Blue

Night sky tattoos can be also accompanied with owls, poppy flowers, different masks, as all these elements of the design are direct symbols of night. Here we have only pictures of simply night skies, just remember while choosing the design for yourself that night, not a stable phenomenon.

night sky in the forest tattoo by Richie Brooks

by Richie Brooks

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