Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoos – are one of the most popular. This image is spread among men and women. Rose flower tattoo – is a symbol of a pure love as the plant itself. It doesn’t matter which size it has or wich color it’s made with this symbol in general remains one of the most meaningful. However, rose tattoo meaning changed in different periods in history.

Tender Shoulder Rose tattoo Arrow Shot Rose Leg Tattoo

Pink And Grey Rose tattoo by Andres Acosta on Back of Neck

Dwelling upon its development, we must say that rose symbol existed almost through all times and its history is very interesting. In Medieval times rose tattoo was inked on the prisoners sentenced to death. Another meaning of that period belongs to alchemists. They used rose tattoo to express the rebirth of the spirit after passing away and that all material desires are not important. During decades and centuries meaning of rose tattoo had changed: the shade of hopelessness had vanished and meanings of love, purity, romance and innocence came to the first place.

Mating Timeless Rose tattoo by Andres Acosta Dreaming Of You realistic tattoo RoseTraditional Rose for her couple tattoos

In European culture, this image associates with Virgin Mary. Another religious symbolism is connected with the red rose tattoo with falling petals, which stand for drops of blood of Jesus.

Rose and cross tattoo petals rose tattoo

Rose tattoo idea in the land of the Rising Sun is the symbol of power, pride and tenderness. For Chinese people rose tattoo is something special – the prosperity and some risky pleasures. Another meaning of this image in Eastern countries is an embodiment of man and woman, ying and yang. And in the Ancient Egypt rose tattoo is connected with Isis, the Goddess of femininity and maternity.

Full Back Rose raven japanese tattoo for girl japanese-rose-flowers

Meaning of rose tattoo is so reach that even separate elements of the flower has something to say. Straight and not the broken stem is a symbol of durability. Leafs are associated with happiness. The bud – glory and fame. Spikes stand for sadness. The combination of not blossomed bud and sharp spikes has a meaning of fragile feminity and power of courage. As a sketch for a rose tattoo idea artists often choose the real picture of the flower.

Red Rose realistic tattoo on Wrist Graphic Rose through Skin 3D tattooViolet Rose Skulls tattoo by Phil Garcia

There are also several meanings of these drawings. The white rose tattoo symbolizes purity and innocence. Pink rose tattoo – internal gratitude. The red flower is inseparably connected with passionate love. Blue on is for bright personalities, struggling to unreachable dreams. Black rose tattoo send us to sad phenomena as death, sadness and mysticism.

Grey and Yellow Surf Rose tattoo by Andres Acosta Pink Rose Head tattoo by AD Pancho
Rose Hip Tattoo rose flower tattoosBlue Rose Flower Tattoo on the Back of HandScull and Rose tattoo mating

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