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Shark is one of the oldest and the most dangerous animals on the planet, that is why shark tattoo is meant for the toughest ones, for real badasses. Archeologists say, that sharks appeared in the Ocean for about 40 million years ago, so, this huge mighty fish had survived dinosaurs. Shark tattoo designs are usually colorful and can be inked on any part of the body: arm, thigh, shin, back etc.

Black Hawk Shark tattoo Deep Sea Shark tattooVisious Bloody Shark tattoo

Nature had created a shark to be a born killer, giving it such features as bloodthirsty, strengths, cunning, and speed. And it is not a big surprise, that common reaction to a shark is fear, but also interest and even admiration. Usually, these animals are associated with danger, cruelty, fearlessness, strengths, trickery, spontaneous violence, but at the same time with a desire for freedom and self-confidence.

shark tattoo3 shark tattoo shark tattoo2shark tattoo on neck

Shark tattoos depicting mostly a white shark are common for a Western Europe and The USA, however, they are also not rare for countries of a former Soviet Union. In a word, they are met all over the world due to the popularity of such tattoo ideas. It is even possible to make a tattoo just by a photo of an animal.

Ancient Polynesian tribes believed that this symbol has some supernatural powers. Citizens of Australia admired and respected sharks as the bonding force between the sea and the dry land. Indians of Northern and Central America believed, that this mark will help in survival and hunting. Japanese people always treated these predators with a special respect, thinking of them as of the messengers of the Gods ready to help anyone who loves them.

People of the isles in the Pacific Ocean were sure that sharks are the symbol of grace. European sailors of Mediaeval Age had such tattoos to show that they were prepared to anything that might happen with them in the open sea and the desire to come back home. So, shark tattoos used to have mainly a warding function.

tribal shark tattoo tribal shark tattoo2.jpgtribal shark tattoo3.jpg

Modern shark tattoo meaning is, first of all, power, fearlessness, cruelty, inability to stand any restrictions of the freedom or even greed. However, it also became the symbol of domination not so long ago (usually in business or gambling).

Shark tattoos are often met on the bodies of people whose job is closely connected with the sea like fishers and sailors. This symbol suits best for a tenacious, self-assured people, who always go forward reaching their goals any possible way and have unbreakable characters. Ths shark tattoo owner wants to astonish the surrounding, provoke the respect, interest or sometimes fear. Such people often think of themselves as of leaders, which they want to show with a help of the tattoo.

Yellow Rose Frame Cought Shark Nautical tattoo Primitive Blue Rose Shark Attack TattooGirl Shark Bite Nautical tattoo

Women shark tattoos are also very popular among strong and confident women. Plus such drawings look gorgeous on any part of a female body. Mostly shark tattoos are met on women’s shoulder blades, bicepses, backs of the head, forearms, backs, calfs. It can be realistic or drawn in a some unusual way. But don’t forget to ask your tattooist to create a unique shark tattoo design just for our own personality.

shark tattoo on womenshark tattoo on women2.jpg Nice Blue Shark Nautical tattoo


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