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  • Small Flower Tattoos

    Small Flower Tattoos

    Small Flower Tattoos by Marla Moon

    small flower tattoo by hy_e.in

    by hy_e.in

    flower bluish tattoo on back of shoulder

    Bluish Flower Tattoo by Tattooist Banul

    tiny flowers ankle tattoo

    Little Flower Tattoo by Nando

    cute flower tattoo by bomiomi

    by bomiomi

    Small flower tattoos commonly appear to be the first tattoos that fresh tattoo lovers choose to make. It combines both – the beauty and the small size. The size matters in the case of the first tattoo in the person’s life. There is a definite fear of the fact that tattooing could be painful and people are often not so brave to make a big scale tattoo on their body, sessions of a creation of which could take several hours, which could happen to become a torture, rather than a fun experience for someone. That’s why small tattoos are much more common for “freshmen”.

    cherry blossom tattoo flower

    Cherry Blossom Tattoo by Sol Art

    small rose tatto by hy_e.in

    Small Rose tattoo by hy_e.in

    The other good thing about small flower tattoos is that each chosen flower has its own meaning. Whatever it is you like or the symbology you want to ink is easy to find among the floral symbols. It makes the tattoo look creative cause it includes its own interpretation

    – the placement of tattoo,
    – the kind of the flower used as the basis of the design,
    – the way the whole tattoo design is organized,
    – the shape of the flower,
    – the number of petals, are they fallen or not,
    – other elements of the design,
    – the colors and techniques used in the tattoo idea.

    All these factors influence the meaning of the tatt. Sometimes a simple idea, which seemed to be just a single tiny flower can tell a lot about the tattoo owner, encoding a complete utterance or even more.

    tiny flowers tattoo behind the ear

    The Flower Tattoo Behind Ear by Nando Kakao is just meant to be placed here and  to be such a small tattoo design and to be inked on a girl.

    small watercolor flower by yktattoo1

    by yktattoo1

    poppy flower small tattoo

    The Small Poppy Tattoo by Graffittoo is a very cute little flower tattoo design looking, like it’s drawn with colorful pencils.

    purple rose small tattoo on wrist

    Small Rose Tattoo by Banul

    small pink flowers tattoo

    The Pink Flowers Tattoo Bow-Tie by Mini Lau is a soft and marvelous girl tattoo design. LFlowers are located on the lower part of the leg.

    small flower watercolor tattoo

    Such artworks as the Flower Tattoo on Arm by Cansu Olga are aimed to mean something special but are mainly remarkable due to their pure beauty.

    Daisy Flower Tattoo

    Daisy Flower Tattoo by Zihwa

    Freesia Flower Tattoo

    Lookin through tattoo artworks, there’s always a chance to get to know something new, like different kinds of flowers. The Freesia Flower Tattoo by Banul gives us such possibility.

    Wild Rose Tattoo

    Such small tattoos as the Wild Rose Tattoo by Kane Trubenbacher made in dotwork technique are incredible.

    The other good reason to choose this particular kind of design is the fact that it is unisex. Of course, they are more common for women, but it is not a rule. There are a lot of good masculine small flower tattoo ideas. So, there shouldn’t be any sort of prejudice towards a masculinity of small flower tattoos. We live in a free open-minded world and time, which give a great chance for experiments and break all old-fashioned stereotypes.

    Thumb Finger Trefoil tattoo

    The Thumb Finger Trefoil tattoo by Kat Blackstone will definitely bring a lot of luck to its owner.

    Lavender Flower Tattoo

    This is an awesome Lavender Flower Tattoo by Olga Nekrasova of a very rare flower for a tattoo art.

    Blue Flower Small Tattoo on Wrist

    by Alisa Tesla

    Small but beautiful and tender tattoo idea – Blue Flower Small Tattoo on Wrist by Alisa Tesla.

    Hand Rose Small Tattoo

    by Kane Trubenbacher

    The Hand Rose Small Tattoo by Kane Trubenbacher is the a constant reminder for self love for its owner.

    flower of lilac tattoo

    This is another small tattoo design. This time, we have a Lilac Flower Tattoo by Zihwa. A very beautiful symbol full of love and spring warmth.

    girly tattoo small

    by Mariya Summer

    matching flowers tattoo by Sol Art

    matching flowers tattoo by Sol Art

    leg flower tattoo

    by hy_e.in

    So, to sum everything up, small flower tattoos are an ideal choice for the first tattoo in your life. It is not so painful to make one because of its size, the easiness of the session would only depend on the sensitivity of the placement where it is made. Plus, a tattoo of that size is very easy to hide.

    Such tattoo would be very informative and meaningful in a very good-looking and creative way. Anyway, it is better than making some eastern hieroglyph tattoo to end up with some translation malfunction. And finally, this kind of tattoo idea suits for both – women and men.

    Small Cat Tattoo
    Small Watercolor Flamingo Tattoo

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