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The feather image is connected with native Americans, who liked to decorate their clothes and homes with it. Nowadays feather tattoos is interpreted as the connections with the ancestors. And the image of it became the symbol of family relations and spiritual unity. However, Indians believe that it is also connected with thunder, wind and air itself.

Feather Hair Graphic Girl Indian tattoo Cute Indian Girl tattoo by Chris Primm

Feather On Leg Indian tattoo

Feather tattoos are unisex tattoos, that’s why they are popular both as men and women tattoo ideas. The variety of feather tattoo designs is rather wide, the same as the meanings of the symbol. Somebody connect the drawing of three feathers with Christianity claiming them the images of hope, faith and mercy.
In the Ancient Egypt, the image of a feather was considered to be the sign of celestial Gods. In many other cultures, this symbol has unbreakable connections with dreams. That’s why we can see a lot of dreamcatchers tattoo with feathers.
It also is light and small size, it has an ability to hover in the air by the wind blows. That’s why feather tattoo can symbolize lightness happiness, but also the ability to accommodate to new surroundings and sometimes friendly mood.

Blue Watercolor Feather Arm tattoo Arrow Feather Grey tattoo

It is believed that snow-white small feather tattoo means a new spiritual development stage. Scarlet feather identifies with passion and love. Solar-yellow and orange shades suggest of high intellectual abilities of the tattoo owner. The feather tattoo also claims the honesty, dreaming nature and good fantasy.However, only if the feather remains its purity and remain its ability to fly. So, if the person had chosen this tattoo idea it means the desire not to lose himself, and keep his thoughts and soul pure. It symbolises the understanding that under the influence of sins one can loose all his good traits.

Feather Eyes Passion tattoo by Rich Pineda Single Feather tattoo

The feather tattoo also symbolises a love to travel. The desire of tattoo owner to discover the whole world and new horizons is stronger than the roots and home comfort. He is light as the feather and is not bound to constant inhabitance, he has enough courage in his heart to move forward and never look back.
The fact how exactly the feather inked look like is also of the great importance. If the choice falls on the peacock feather tattoo it means that the materialistic goods are not the last in the tattoo owner’s priority list. Also, this kind of drawing is associated with a good taste and luxury.

Black & White Feather Back tattoo Feather Black&White tattoo

Turning back to the Indian culture, it’s necessary it say, that tribal warriors used to decorate their bodies with eagle feather in order to gain its strengths, sharp sight, and agility of this noble bird. That is why, in spite of all the lightness of the drawing, the feather still remains a sign of courage, bravery and honor. An arm of shoulder feather tattoo looks beautiful and stylish, however, the placement barely influence on the meaning of feather tattoo idea.
Feather tattoo designs fit better to optimistic people, who love travelling and successfully resist a bad influence.

Feather Head Elephant New School tattoo by Marked For Life Blue Style Feather Curve Aquarelle tattoo by Galata TattooBlack Feather Wing on Elbow tattoo sleeve

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