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  • Solar System Tattoo

    Solar system tattoo designs are peculiar with the fact that they are relatively young. Mankind got to know the structure of our planetary system not so long ago. It has been only several centuries since we know the placement of the planets around the Sun. Before this discovery, all monotheistic community and the European civilisation, in general, used to believe in the geocentric concept of the Universe. Which means that there is the Earth in the centre of the cosmos and all other objects, even the Sun, are orbiting around it.

    planets of solar system tattoo on arm

    Solar System Tattoo by Bicem Sinik

    Surprisingly, astronomical data about up to 10 planets, according to different sources, neighbouring with our planet were a common knowledge for people of pre-Christian civilisations. Where how they’ve discovered this and how have they managed to distinguish planets among millions of stars in the night sky remains a mystery. But they obviously suffered a lack of technical and scientific knowledge to make believable descriptions of all celestial bodies. That’s why, as a lot of others unexplainable phenomena, all planets were personified and became characters of myths of different cultures of the world, which became the basis of their beliefs. (There is even a theory that all mythological events in all ancient writings, even in Bible, appears to be a detailed description of astronomical events observed during that time).

    Space tattoos are pretty nice

    by unknown artist

    It’s a common knowledge that names of planets of Solar System were borrowed from the Ancient Roman pantheon, that’s why all Gods’ traits of characters and behaviour can be transferred to the symbols of planets. This will be the basis for us to figure out the meaning of solar system tattoos and each of its objects in particular. We’ll dwell upon each planet separately.

    Mercury Tattoo

    Mercury can be easily observed with an unarmed eye in the night skyline during first hours after the sunset or in the early morning just a couple of hours before the dawn. However, it was hard to consume that both of these stars are one and the same heavenly body. Not without reason, ancient people had two names for it: Egyptians used to call it Seth and Gor, Hindus – Buddha and Roginea and Greek people called it Apollo and Hermes.

    According to Roman mythology, Mercury is a constantly hasty envoy, which was privileged to serve as a mediator between Gods and mankind. This is probably the reason, why an astrology treats Mercury as a symbol of movement, mobility, curiosity and dexterity. Also, this planet can be used as a symbol o journey, shipping and nearly everything related to transportation and vehicles.

    Virgo Mercury Tattoo Signs

    by unknown artist

    In mythology, Mercury is depicted as an ambassador, merchant, that’s why in astrology it stands for information exchange in all possible ways and the process of thinking as a practical way of the world perception and analysis of the information received without any emotions involved. As the mythological Mercury was quite young, thus the traits of this planet are all related to youth, such as – dexterity, cunning, an ability to inherit and pretend.

    Cool Mercury Sign Tattoo

    by unknown artist

    Ancient Greek called the planet Hermes – the patron of travellers and shepherds, the God of merchants and divine envoy. Romans called him Mercury. The symbol of the planet is caduceus – the staff of an envoy entwined by two serpents. Alchemists used to mark a quicksilver and the third day of the week with it. All these meanings can be used towards mercury tattoo designs.

    Venus Tattoo

    Venus is the third brightest celestial body after Sun and Moon. It is easily found in the Eastern part of the sky just before the dawn or in the Western part – right after the sunset with an unarmed eye. During these periods it shines the most brightly. This characteristic of the planet is the reason why it’s called the morning or the evening star. It does not go far away from the sun anyway.

    In Roman mythology, Venus used to be the goddess of love and beauty. This is probably why the symbol is closely connected with relationships spiced with emotions. This can be romanticism, sensitivity, passion, desire, erotic, softness and stargazing. It can be related to a simple partnership, business relations or something much more emotional like marriage, but in any case, all of them are built on the basis of mutual sympathy or even love. The other topic connected with Venus is an amount of personal energy. These are personal belongings, comfort (or even luxury) and the beauty, of course, – the beauty o the body, grace and health. Thus, Venus tattoo of controlling our emotions, likes, personal relationships and also moral values and priorities, talent and creativity. The planet symbolises the feminine side of the personality and life.

    Goddess Venus Tattoo by andrea.m0rales

    Goddess Venus Tattoo by ᴀɴᴅʀᴇᴀ ᴍᴏʀᴀʟᴇs

    The original symbol of the planet is a circle with a small line attached below, which meant a mirror or necklace, for instance. Later, under the influence of the Christianity, probably, it transformed into a cross. Alchemists used to mark copper with this sign as mirrors were commonly been made of copper. This is the sign of the fifth day of the week – Friday. All these meanings are free to be used as a Venus tattoo, all depends on you, but it’s not recommended for men.

    Mars Tattoo

    The Mars is seen from the earth even without any special optical devices. During the opposition when it is in the closest point to the Earth it can be compared in its brightness with Venus or Jupiter.

    Framed Mars Tattoo

    bt unknown artist

    For ages, Mars tickled people’s imagination with its disturbing red colour. This furious planet was named after the mythological God of war, aggressive and rude who was all into fighting. Mars is a planet of a physical energy. It patrons bravery, decisiveness, will for victory, and ability to act making ideas to become reality. This planet is a symbol of struggle, activeness, strength and dynamical aggressive nature of a man. The planet of passion connected with sexuality. It symbolises the competitive spirit and power. This is a 100% masculine symbol. Mars patrons the sign of Aries and used to patron Scorpion before Pluto was discovered.  These are main Mars tattoo meanings.

    Mars Sign Tattoo

    by unknown artist

    The symbol of the planet is a shield and a spear. This sign is used in alchemy to mark iron – metal with features which make it the most relevant to the god of war. It’s also used to denote the second day of the week and also it stands for a male in biology since XVIII century. So, if you are looking for something really masculine and aggressive Mars tattoo designs whether a planet or the sign are just what you need.

    Mars Tattoo on Ribs by slonenko

    by unknown artist

    Jupiter Tattoo

    Jupiter is a planet of luck, success, optimism and generosity. Astrologists sometimes call it a huge happiness, as if it is included into your horoscope or you have Jupiter tattoo your life has much bigger chance to be full of prosperity, happiness and joy. Jupiter controls such spheres of life as health and fortune, social status, respect and power. The planet influences an intellectual side of human activity: cognition, enlarging outlook and higher wisdom. It influences the desire to gain new experience, intellectual, cultural and spiritual development. So, it’s not a surprise that this planet is favourable for scientists and doctors, and also travellers.
    In mythology, Jupiter is the ruler of the sky, the almighty king, the symbol of dignity and wisdom. This fact and Jupiter’s traits give the owner of this sign an ability to help others. People born under the sign of Jupiter are often likely to perform religious activities and have a need to fulfil their spiritual search and purpose. As for the profession, this is a planet of priests, actors, politicians. So, if you are somehow related to all described here, the Jupiter tattoo is for you.

    Saturn Tattoo

    Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun. It is the second big celestial body after Jupiter in the Solar system and both of them are gas giants.


    The dim light with a frost white shades and slow movement along the sky – these are factors which made astrologist think that this is a grim and cold planet with a bad fortune. This was a really bad sign to been born under the influence of this planet as well as to have Saturn tattoo on your body if you are superstitious. Its rings also found its reflection in astrological symbols. Being laced with rings means the strict following the system and unarguable rules of logic. Astrology refers all possible restrictions and taboos to that planet. In mythology Saturn (Chronos) – the timekeeper, which is where its symbol is derived from – the time is unstoppable, passing away. There are a lot of time-related features of the planet symbol, such as stability, durability, duty and obligation. In modern astrology, the accents of the meaning have shifted from time to much more global notions – the destiny and justice, maturity and wisdom. Thus, it stands for fairness, law, and vengeance and so typical for maturity pragmatism and conservatism. Saturn is a patron of old people and people who live by strict rules.

    In Ancient Greece people weren’t aware of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, that’s why Saturn was considered to be the last planet of the Solar system. A famous Greek philosopher Aristotle called the planet Chronos – the name of the youngest son of the God of the sky Uranus. Romans corresponded him as Saturn, the God of fertility and crop. He was depicted often along a sickle, that’s it became an element of an astrological sign of the planet. Alchemist used to mark led and Saturday with this sign.
    Anyway, Saturn tattoo is one of the best ways to express your depressive personality and the existential essence of life.

    Saturn Symbol Tattoo on Wrist

    by unknown artist

    Uranus Tattoo

    Such astronomical features which contradict all traditional knowledge as orbiting the Sun in opposite direction tilted had defined the astrological symbol of Uranus. It embodies everything unusual, breaking common laws and concepts of the universe structure. Uranus is the symbol of uniqueness, desire for freedom and independent thinking, an ability to self-expression. According to astrologists, this planet is capable of controlling situations of rapidly changing unpredictable circumstances, extraordinary events. Any known break out of common frames and boundaries had been accomplished with its influence. Uranus is considered to be the planetary patron of scientists inventors and reformers. It basically controls all the scientific research, sphere of telecommunication and industrial organizations. All these features are equally affecting your personality if you would make a Uranus tattoo. Make one for your life to be more surprising and chaotic.

    Uranus is the 7-th planet from the Sun. It was discovered in 1781 by English teacher of music William Herschel, a new person to the astronomical society. The original symbol of Uranus resembled a lot the symbol of Mars, that’s why it was changed and now it means “the planet of Herschel” it is a combination of two letters “H” by the name of its discoverer.

    Neptune Tattoo

    Neptune is the God of seas and oceans. In astrology, this connection with water and world ocean is an embodiment of the firstborn essence which all feelings and emotions come from, – the other ocean, the ocean of the human souls and feelings. The planet is connected with psychology, with the nature of emotions and senses, with instinctive and supernatural experience. The psychological sphere of Neptune’s influence makes it a patron of dreamers and strong personalities with a prominent charisma. However, there is a negative side of its influence. It is the despair, a persecutory delusion, pangs of conscience and disappointment. Bad influence of Neptune response such harmful traits as drug and alcohol addictions. Neptune also gives a possibility to dive into illusions till the connection with reality is completely lost. This is a grim planet of people with devastated, empty and lonely souls and criminals. So, be careful and think twice before you make a decision to have a Neptune tattoo. In spite of all the negative aspects of its influence, there are some good sides of its meaning like justice, compassion.

    Neptune Symbol Tattoo Design

    The trident is a symbol of Neptune. This is a sign of the Roman lord of the sea and water element which the planet was named after. This heavenly body was discovered in 1846 by German astronomers Johann Gottfried Galle and Heinrich Louis d’Arrest. They were using the coordinates mathematically predicted by Urbain Le Verrier.

    Hip Tattoo Neptune

    by unknown artist

    Realistic Jupiter and Neptune Tattoos by large

    by unknown artist

    Neptune Tattoo on Shoulder Blade

    by unknown artist

    And altogether the Solar system tattoos are meant to symbolise balance and completeness. The ideal state of comprehension, emotional health and wisdom. As far as we know, solar system tattoos are usually preferred by people who are somehow interested in exploration and are curious about the structure of the universe and stuff. We omitted the Earth, cause its our home planet which is its main meaning.
    Hope you like the article. Share it, if you do. Thanks!

    planets tatto

    by unknown artist

    spine solar system tattoo

    by unknown artist


    Pine Tree Tattoo

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