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Squirrel tattoo meanings are contraversive. This tiny animal is a speed, agility, restlessness and dexterity itself. It is so fast and dodgy, that sometimes it is nearly impossible to spot its motion. Such symbol can be preferred by the man who can find a way out of any kind of situations, solve any problem, purposefulness and going forward to the destination. Such person can reach success mainly using harmless lies or tricks.

flying Squirrel tattoo

Dmitriy Samohin japan Squirrel tattoo

A red fur of the animal symbolizes fire, the Sun, and light. Also, meaning of squirrel tattoo is connected with lightning and thunder due to its speed obviously.

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Some squirrel tattoos owners use this image to show their high stamina and efficiency. The symbol used in this context will be perfect for a tender and a shy girl also as a keeper of home and family.

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Sometimes an image of a squirrel is a reflection of a negative side of a person’s soul. A lot of people see a vivid bounds in it with greed, selfishness, a search of a personal gain and adulation.

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Slavonic people of eastern Europe treated this animal as a sign of gathering war or disaster. Japanese people gave it and privilege to stand for anything which is associated with wealth, fertility, creativity and art. They had always been watching squirrels waiting for it to give a fresh idea of how to do stuff.
So, squirrel tattoo can tell a lot about its owner. So be careful with this particular symbol as it can represent you the way you do not want it to.

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