Stormtrooper Tattoo

Stormtrooper tattoo is exactly that bright example of how trends of the modern culture find their reflection in all different kinds of art. The growth of the Star Wars franchise’s popularity is exactly the reason of this phenomenon. The Star Wars are unique in this sense. People all over the world are not only waiting forward for a new episode to be released but also watching these movies again and again getting more inspired for creation, let’s say topical tattoo artworks.

red trooper tattoo

by @rubbertwo

It is interesting, but each warrior of the clone army, who storm troopers are, taken for analysis, appears to be nothing special, but a soldier. There are thousands of them, they all look the same and by the way, they are horrible at warcraft as their sharpshooting skills are very far from the ideal, they are the worst probably in the whole Galaxy Far Far Away and beyond. However, even such iconic characters like Darth Vader, Jedi Master Yoda, Luke “I’m your father” Skywalker, haven’t got such a popularity as plots for inspired Star Wars tattoo ideas.

There are, obviously, some separate examples of portrait depiction of iconic characters listed, but if we are talking about some big tattoo works occupying the whole chest or tattoo sleeves, the fact is that nearly none of them had taken the image of stormtrooper without attention. And this fact makes a stormtrooper one and the only true symbol of the whole Star Wars Universe. It has become a collective notion.

Elbow Empire Trooper Star Wars tattoo

unknown artist

So, in the fine art which the tattoo art is a branch of, stormtroopers get their new life. The fantasy of an artist turn these intergalactic soldiers into real violent, bloodthirsty warriors capable of devastating planets and their population entirely. Artists give them those traits of character, which they were deprived of in the movie – fearlessness, intelligence, strength, the devastation they provide etc.

The full-length stormtrooper tattoo looks epic. In this case, the background of the tattoo is also significant. To be more clear artists can add the name of the Universe the image is taken from, lettering “Star Wars” – like we don’t know! Unfortunately, there are not so many such a big artworks, but what is really a lot of, we will tell you further.

Stormtrooper influenced all styles.

A popular variant of stormtrooper tattoo is depiction just of its helmet. Such an image is used as a tattoo idea by artist working in different tattoo styles and soldiers of the clone army are met in absolutely unexpected appearances, circumstances and objects aside:

– Realistic tattoo;
– Blackwork (a bit similar to tribal tattoos);

realistic trooper tattoo on leg

by Richard R Sanchez

tribal stormtrooper leg tattoo

by Vincent Bruno

– 3D tattoos;

In 3D variation the helmet can be placed on very different backgrounds. This can be space, rose, clockface. In a word, it can be anything if only it serves the means of exaggerating the 3D effect f the whole tattoo idea. Also, to reach this aim artist are used to choose the tattoo placement very carefully, shoulders and chest are believed to fit this aim perfectly.

realistic 3d trooper tattoo

by Anthony Ortega

3d stormtrooper head tattoo

by Greg @dublinpins

black and white stormtrooper tattoo

by Juan Gonzalez

– New School

The style, which does not put any limit for an artist, suggesting how his or her stormtrooper is supposed to look like. The only request: “make it look cartoonish as much as you can, if its possible”. It can look like a zombie, like a kid, it can be cracked with a blood or other liquid pouring out of the crack… And all of them are bright and memorable.

– Neo-traditional tattoos

The style, in which the image of the trooper appears probably the most often. It is worth mentioning that, storm trooper’s helmet serves as the substitute for a skull and such tattoos become some kind of new vision of old-school designs like, for example, a tattoo of a skull with roses.
It is likely the reason, why it is so hard to find an old school topical tattoo as including into the design such a futuristic element ruins the entire conception of traditional tattoos. However, having thick outlines and hard intense coloring, it is possible to claim described tattoo design to be an old school one, but it still wouldn’t be 100%.
However, one of the most popular variations of drawing this image in the neotraditional tattoo style is the sugar skull variant. Which is a special kind of facial make-up to make it look like a Santa Muerte skull. Such make-up is typical for a usual skull in the tattoo art, and while talking about stormtrooper’s helmet, it originally resembles the skull of some extraterrestrial creature. Thus, such a way of treating the image appears to be rather natural and predictable. But whatever, it looks extremely awesome and bright.

santa muerte stormtrooper tattoo

by Rachel Ritchie

muerte trooper

by ryan whitson tattoo

Is there any meaning?

The meaning of tattoos of such a kind is usually hidden in the reason why the man had decided to make the tattoo at the first place. The modern tendency is as follows: tattoo artists and admirers usually are not chasing the maximum richness of an inner sense of drawings they choose, but rather their aesthetical preferences, with only one requirement for the drawing to look good. But from the other hand, due to such styles as tribal, old school, neo-traditional etc long history, the wide range of symbolism considering lines, their bendings and each element separate, had formed. That’s why it is possible to explain stormtrooper tattoos meaning using the same treatment as in listed styles. However, this variant has nothing to do with reality. The drawing beauty it is… by the way:

trash polka stormtrooper tattoo

by @lifeafterwartattoos

Stormtrooper girls

A girl temptingly dressed evokes controversial feeling and emotion by herself of opposite sex. A provocative outfit combined with a charming girl’s face is a very strong cocktail. But who could ever imagine, that this effect remains if the girl wears stormtrooper’s helmet. There are a lot of pictures of girls playing out such an image in front of the camera, but there are also plenty of tattoos depicting stormtrooper girls.

stormtrooper girl

by Frances jones

girl stormtrooper tattoo

by @candicethetattooist

tattoo of graphic stormtrooper girl

by Henrik Gallon

To sum all the topic up, we want to mention that The Star Wars is an incredible phenomenon of modern culture incomparable with nothing else, which had produced a gigantic range of masterpieces and artworks. And Stormtrooper tattoo – is the reflection of the phenomenon in the tattoo art.

aquarelle trooper tattoo

by Dája Černovová

strange stormtrooper tattoo

by @enzo_louisc

stormtrooper pirate tattoo

by Keiji Murakami

small finger stormtrooper tattoo

by kykla_tanya

cool stormtrooper and butterfly tattoo

by Ironclad Tattoo

hand trooper tattoo

by Bez Triplesix studios

broken stormtroopers helmet

by Shirin Scales

saint stormtrooper tattoo

by @nandotattooer

trooper and rat tattoo

by Marek Bernat

cool tattoo of stormtrooper

by Corbin Donahue

trash polka stormtrooper

by Giuliano Borroni

stormtrooper in space tattoo

by Richard Sanchez

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