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  • There Are a Lot of Them – Star Tattoos.

    Star tattoos and their meanings.

    Tattoos of stars are very popular among men and women. This drawing is on of the best choice for your first tattoo as it usually is small and not so hard to make. And even a simple black star tattoo design can be very attractive and interesting.

    Star is a very old symbol, which is met in many cultures and religions all over the world. Even nowadays, people cannot fully understand them while looking up at the sky and technologies and knowledge about the universe is much better now, than in old times. Our ancestors having primitive or not so developed tools tried to explain stars as a phenomenon by the means of mythology and religion. That’s why they gained a lot of magical features. The star symbol is an international one and its meaning depends on different factors like its shape, color, and the culture.

    3d star tattoo

    cool star tattoo

    What kind of star tattoo designs are there?

    It is well-known that a falling star is nothing but the meteor burning in the atmosphere. However, that is not what we think of observing it falling. We are used to believing that falling star can make any of our wishes come true, that’s why star tattoo designs are meant to bring its owner luck, success and wishes come true.

    Often star tattoo design looks like several small stars combined in a one tattoo idea or even a stardust. Such tattoo idea can cover a rather big area, but nevertheless keep being rather elegant and modest.

    Tattoo of stars falling is rather a choice of a for girls. The most common placements for such tattoo idea are wrists, lower back, body side and neck.

    stars tattoo stars2

    Nautical star tattoo meaning.

    This tattoo idea will better fit for guys. This kind of star has five endings, each one of them is divided in halves and painted black and white. That helps to reach some kind of a 3D effect. In old times nautical star tattoos were a typical accessory of sailors, they used to make them for protection a guidance. The North star and other sky objects were main navigational waymarks. So, there is no big surprise that sailors’ bodies were decorated with stars and other objects on the sky. Star main function is to lead travelers back home, this was the reason why soldiers also used to prefer this tattoo idea.


    compass tattoo compass tattoo2

    Nowadays common people also choose tattoos of stars with the same reasons, but their true meaning can vary a little.
    You can depend on those tiny skylights if you get lost in your life path. They show us the way out of difficult situations.
    In Ireland, nautical star tattoo symbolizes health. It also can be found as an emblem of different hospitals in that country.
    Sometimes star tattoos are used in gay culture. With the help of this drawing, homosexual people show who they are.

    Tom Bartley compass tattoo Atom Star tattoo by Roony

    The star of life tattoo meaning.

    The star of life has six edges and the Rod of Asclepius is situated in the middle of it. It suggests its connection with a medical sphere. Very often this particular symbol can be found of an ambulance uniform and other medical workers. The star of life tattoo usually has a blue color and common people choose this tattoo idea to tell that they have healed after some bad events of their life.

    The star of life tattoo

    The pentagram tattoo meaning.

    Pentagram is also a star tattoo design, but it has a religious meaning. This star is often used in many cultures and religions, but with different reasons. This is the oldest symbol.
    This type of star was meant to protect from evil forces. It is a symbol of five elements – the air, wind, fire, water, and light.

    However, the pentagram has became a symbol of satanism, where it is used for witchcraft and black magic. In the middle of it a goat’s head is put and at each edge of it letters LVYTN are written(Leviathan – an ancient creature from the Bible).
    However white mages consider and use a pentagram as a symbol of nature and faith.

    penta Pentagram tattoos and tights are perfect

    Star tattoo designs are also very popular among celebrities there are some examples of this cute tattoos on famous bodies.
    Britney Spears – little star on a right arm.
    Megan Fox – a star and moon on the right leg.
    Drew Barrymore – a small star on the right leg.
    Rihana – a small star on her left ear and the whole shower of stars on her neck.
    Victoria Beckham – star symbol on a lower back.
    Geri Halliwell – tattoo on her back
    Kate Hudson – a left leg.
    Eva Longoria – a star on her left wrist.

    beyonce tattoo


    All Body Willy Valo tattoo

    And this list is much longer. But all those examples shows that star tattoo designs are very cute and popular. So, as we said earlier, this is a great tattoo idea for your first body drawing. You can find or make your own tattoo idea for this or choose from existing ones or even copy some of your celebrity idol’s, as the amount of them is numerous.

    Finger Tattoo for girls

    Thigh Stars Japanese pattern tattoo by Nissaco Tatau

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    One of The Most Ancient Symbols - Tree Tattoo

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