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  • True Japanese Yakuza Tattoo

    True japanese yakuza tattoo

    True Japanese yakuza tattoo

    Tattoos of Japanese mafia syndicate Yakuza – is the whole separate world of symbols, which is a distinguishing feature and one of the basic attributes of a criminal subculture of Japan. Drawings on men’s bodies used to tell about their courage and spread terror among all who saw them. Common citizens who weren’t members of the mafia didn’t have a right to have these symbols on their bodies as they were considered unworthy but there still was plenty of other drawings to be inked which are the basis of an astonishing variety of Japanese tattoos. In this article, we are going to dwell upon different varieties of Yakuza tattoo designs, their history, and their original meanings.

    The content:

    1. Yakuza Tattoo. Meaning and Cultural Inheritance of Japan
    2. Symbolism and Origins of Yakuza Tattoos.
    3. The Most Common Images.
    4. Traditional Tattoo Symbols Nowadays.
    5. Yakuza Tattoo. Meaning and Cultural Inheritance of Japan
    Full leg yakuza tattoo

    by DeLight Tattoo Needles

    Split Torso Yakuza Tattoo

    by Clemens Hahn

    Koi Fish Yakuza Tattoo

    by Christoffer Wøien

    Yakuza Tattoo Full Sleeve

    by Christoffer Wøien

    Full Back Tattoo Yakuza

    by Christoffer Wøien

    Big Fish Back Irezumi Tattoo

    by Caiopineiro

    Demonic Back Tattoo Yakuza

    by Binay Gurung

    Just Shoulder Yakuza Tattoo

    by Attrait Tattoo

    Thin Yakuza Tattoo Sleeve

    by Anderson Oliveira

    Back Dragon Yakuza Tattoo

    by 2nd HORIHIDE

    The Eastern culture is commonly known to be meaningful through and through: nothing there is said, written or drawn for no reason. Tattoo art is not an exception. Any symbol was meant to gain its own meaning from the time immemorial and this trend remained today.

    Yakuza tattoos were different. Some of them were called “Konjo” 根性(from Japanese – “willpower”) and “Gaman” 我慢 (Jap. – patience). This two categories appeared historically, as any new recruit was to be tested on the strength of will and patience by an irezumi master or his tenant. Thus, rookies body was covered with different drawings and ornaments which corresponded his occupation. The process, so sophisticated and long, that soon it got even more complex and meaningful to become the unique ritual. Then, gang members used to add new drawings occasionally through their whole lifetime, but it usually was not so long. Also, tattoos were made for their women and wives. Some of them – for aesthetical reasons and others served a special mark, which clarified her gang membership.

    Awesome Yakuza Tattoo on Back

    by DiaoZuo

    Tiger Tattoo Yakuza

    by Gregory Whitehead

    Toad Yakuza Tattoo

    by Horioh Shangrila

    Black Yakuza Tattoo Sleeve

    by Horitsukikage1 Shad

    Full Torso Tattoo Irezumi

    by Hori Kashi

    Irezumi Tattoo For Girl

    by Hori Kashi

    Koi and Tiger Yakuza Tattoo on Chest

    by Hongdae Tattooer Takuya

    Hannya Mask Tattoo Sleeve Yakuza

    by Franco Iasoni

    Back Skull and Dragon Tattoo Yakuza

    by Evan Griffiths

    Demonic Skull Yakuza Tattoo on Back

    by Easy Sacha

    by DiaoZuo

    Symbolism and Origins of Yakuza Tattoos.

    The style of drawing of yakuza designs related with the culture of the country is rich with elements of Japanese painting style called “ukiyo-e” dated by the Edo period. The most frequently used images are:
    Myths characters
    Carps, koi fishes and other kinds of them
    People wearing traditional masks
    Religious related themes of Japanese Shintoism
    Elements of Buddhism
    Waves – as a good filling of empty spaces between symbols, as a tribute to the seafaring Japanese nation.

    Grey Dragon Tattoo on Chest

    by j_needletattoo

    Shoulder Koi Fish Tattoo Yakuza

    by Jiyong Kim

    Green Snake Irezumi Tattoo

    by Kenji Shigehara

    Tiger Irezumi Tattoo Yakuza

    by Kojiichimaru

    Flamming Dragon Tattoo Sleeves

    by Liam Taylor

    Back Samurai Yakuza Tattoo

    by Luca Led

    Girl Irezumi Tattoo

    by Luca Ortis

    True Yakuza Tattoo Irezumi

    by Marco Serio

    Yakuza Tattoo Sleeves with FLowers

    by Mark Corliss

    Snake Yakuza Tattoo on Back

    by Mark Corliss

    Big Dragon Yakuza Tattoo

    by MIYAZO

    Yakuza Tattoo Symbols

    Kintarō (金太郎) – an image of a mythological character, a man of muscle fighting against gigantic carp. There are different variants of this image, but the meaning is always the same – the symbol of courage, bravery, fearlessness. Usually, such drawings are tattooed on bodies of those who are good at martial arts.

    Full Back Yakuza Tattoo Kintaro

    by horiyuki

    Kintaro Tattoo Yakuza on Side

    by tnt_ink_studio

    Big Kintaro Tattoo

    by horioh.shangrila

    Kumonryū Shishin (九紋龍史進) – a Japanese and Chinese hero whose body is covered with tattoos. He wears Chinese clothes with Greek ornament. According to a legend, this character was already born with tattoos of nine dragons. In Yakuza world it means inborn fighting skills.

    Irezumi Komonryu Shishin Tattoo

    by Howoon Tattooer

    Traditional Yakuza Komonryu Shishin Tattoo

    by irezumi_horitora

    Komonryu Shishin Yakuza Tattoo Idea

    by Taki Tsan

    Irezumi Komonyu Shishin Full Back Yakuza Tattoo


    Upper Back Komonyu Shishin Tattoo


    Chō jun (張順) – an image of a man with a knife between his teeth, he kind of resembles previous character. According to myths, he was an Amphibian man and incredibly good swimmer, he was said to be a remarkable pearl diver. This design is meant for clan members who have mastered melee and steel weapons.

    Back Cho Jun Tattoo Yakuza

    by horiyuki

    Traditional Yakuza Cho Jun Tattoo

    by geoff decrucq

    Shoulder Yakuza Tattoo Cho Jun

    by En a.k.a Horizaru

    True Yakuza Cho Jun Tattoo

    by unknown

    Akugenta (悪源太) also known as Yoshihira, Heian or Minamoto, – quite a famous character. According to a legend, he was a son of the Emperor and a common woman. He was very fierce in combat and his image is made of the most violent members of Yakuza.

    Akugenta Yakuza Tattoo Idea

    by kikupunk

    Fudōmyō-ō (不動明王) – the mythological creature of Buddhism which served the treasure keeper. Often depicted with a sword in one hand and rope or net in another, he had an unchangeable grin. He was said to attack foes with his sword, which served the allusion to delusion and caught all unfaithful with his net to provoke righteous thoughts. Only those Yakuza members had this tattoo who were involved in contraband and drug traffic.

    Back And Grey Yakuza Tattoo Fudomyo-o In Progress

    by dstone_ta2

    Fudomyo-o Tattoo Design For Back

    by Horiokie

    Full Torso Fudomyo-o Tattoo Yakuza


    Yakuza Back Tattoo Fudomyo-o

    by Levi Walker

    Fudomyo-o Back Tattoo Idea

    by carve_kami

    Flamming Fudomyo-o Tattoo Idea

    by Arjarn Lone

    Traditional Tattoo Symbols Nowadays.

    Of course, the meaning of yakuza tattoos used to be a matter of the greatest importance, but nowadays it is almost completely lost. The traditional essence of these symbols remains due to a small community of disciples, not in Japan only, who respect it and reproduce it in artworks all over their bodies. Yakuza tattoo pictures can be easily found on the internet and all the designs on these pictures are chosen by faithful followers according to the traditions as mafia used to do long time ago with all the same images and characters. Thus, a man who feels a lack of ferocity picks a necessary symbol, and another tattoo owner wears his colors to gain agility and it would be absolutely different drawing.

    Girl Dragon Tattoo Irezumi

    by unknown artist

    Dragon Tale Samurai Yakuza Tattoo on Back

    by Sootattoo

    Back Snake Yakuza Tattoo

    by Stewart Robson

    Leg Yakuza Sleeve Tattoo Kintaru Demon

    by Stu Pagdin

    Black Koi Fish Tattoo Yakuza Sleeve

    by tattooist.ta2in

    Traditional Blue Dragon Tattoo Irezumi

    by TOKYO INK

    Drak Waves Flowers Yakuza Tattoo on Leg

    by Yom Tattooing

    Yakuza Dragon Tattoo Sleeves

    by unknown artist

    Grey Hannya Mask Tattoo on Leg

    by Nick Cablayan

    Blue Bird Tattoo Yakuza

    by SHIRYU

    Red Dragon Yakuza Tattoo

    by Stewart Robson

    Tiger With Flowers Yakuza Tattoo Sleeve

    by Taka Tamada

    Contemporary Yakuza Style Tattoo

    by Tony Quoc Doan

    Green Shoulder Dragon Tattoo

    by Tsu-Nello Kaos

    Man and Snake Yakuza Tattoo on Back

    by Wakatomo Tattoo

    Samurai with Katana Yakuza Tatoo

    by Trung Kien Nguyen

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