Wasp Tattoo on Lower Neck

wasp tattoo back neck

Wasp Tattoo on Lower Neck by Matkovski Calin

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(6 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

  1. Howard wrote:

    I’ve never seen anything like this!

  2. Vince wrote:

    I love this tattoo!

  3. Lyam wrote:

    Is this realism, or what?

  4. Don wrote:

    a little bit creepy. I am afraid of wasps.

  5. Cody wrote:

    very good work. Can I have the same?

  6. York wrote:

    it stings 🙂

  7. Norton D wrote:

    Realistically but a bit watercoloury style – this is an interesting fusion.

  8. Edward wrote:

    It is rather strange to have such a design on that particular spot

  9. Jeremy wrote:

    I love the detailed wings of the wasp.

  10. Joseph wrote:

    Very good, guys, very good!

  11. Eric wrote:

    My girlfriend has a wasp tattoo too! Girls are weird

  12. Ingrid wrote:

    WOW! I want the same!