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  • Bow-Tie Tattoo

    Bow-tie tattoo is definitely popular among women due to its beauty and elegance. Often such tattoo ideas are done in color, bright with loads of color shades. The common placements for bow-tie tattoos are the back of the thigh, shoulder or lower back.

    red bow tattoo on back

    by @kitay_tattoo

    beautiful bow and wlowers

    by Mick R. Jag

    by nate_k_tattooer

    by nate_k_tattooer

    pink bowtie

    by Avi Vanunu

    Through centuries, people have been decorating their bodies with different letterings, marks or drawings. Tattoos used to be the privilege of men for a long time, as they served a sign of courage, strenths and masculinity. Now, in the modern world, a lot of women make have tattoos to underline the beauty of their bodies or their personalities.

    Even the smallest drawing can have a definite sense and undoubtfully brings the self-esteem of the owner much higher. The choice of the tattoo design should be made very carefully. There is a strong need to explore the meanings of drawings chosen because they will remain for the whole life. The same approach should be used towards the placement of the future tattoo in order to have a possibility to hide the tattoo easily.

    tattooLittle Minnie Mouse bow

    by Lindsay Vaes

    watercolor bow on shoulder

    by Dionisis Katsonis

    double bowtie tattoos

    by ilonaemilia

    bow on microphone tattoo

    by Sanna Angervaniva

    Women treat tattoos as a decoration or accessory, that’s why they usually chose images of butterflies, crowns, birds, stars, flowers, hearts and bow-ties.
    Bow-tie tattoo is very popular among young girls. Let’s look through such tattoo ideas and find out why.

    Bow-tie is a symbol of beauty and simplicity. It can be often found of clothes, shoes, accessories. Boxes with presents and flower bouquets are often decorated with it. Bow-ties are always associated with something unusual and original.

    couple bow tattoo

    by @beninruins

    yellow tattoo bowie

    by Goosebumps Tattoo

    red bow tattoo on head


    art bowtie tattoo

    by Johnny Darko

    man bowtie tattoo

    from @photosbycorey

    There is no deep philosophical sense in the bow-tie tattoo, just some emotional background – that is all standing behind it. Women, who chose bow-ties to decorate their bodies want to show their feminity, grace, tenderness and freshness of their image or style. Such tattoo also can be treated as a sign that says – “I’m ready for a romance!”.

    bow on leg

    from @bridge0morris

    pink womens bowtie tattoo

    by Jake Bertelsen

    legs with bowties

    from Jana Markovic

    black bow tattoo on leg

    by TATTOO 3000 Moscow

    Bow-tie tattoo can be useful for shy and careful people, but it will definitely fit any character. It does not have any bad or negative shade of meaning and can be easily placed on almost any part of the body.

    This tattoo design can be performed with a different shape, size, colors. Often it is drawn bright and vivid and gets in the centre of the drawing composition. A lot of girls prefer as a placement for this tattoo design wrists, back of the neck, ankle or stomach.

    colourful bow tattoo

    by Primula Comolli

    bowtie ink on legs

    by Ed Ko

    small bow on winger

    by NekoTattoo

    collarbone bow tattoo

    by Joshua Gilbert

    There is a bow-tie tattoo idea growing its popularity nowadays made in the form of a ring around arms. And also a common case for any bow-tie tattoo idea is to make identical tattoos on both hands or legs.
    In any case, this all bow-tie tattoo ideas, if they are performed well, will draw a lot of attention of the opposite sex – that is probably the main its function.



    by Rusty Diamond

    by Rusty Diamond

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