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Ankle tattoo is a good choice for those, who want their body drawings were not so visible and serve only an aesthetical purposes.

Ankle tattoos for women is a common thing it’s nearly impossible to surprise anyone with them. On the other hand, tattoos on this placement are rare for men. It is easy to explain, tats on that spot look elegant and tender. They are mostly bracelets, thin ornaments going around a leg with a complete circle. Such ideas wouldn’t look so good on men’s legs. But girls are sometimes willing to make some tattoo of a big scales choosing the designs of some big ornamental pieces.
Sometimes, ankle tattoo goes down to the foot, being just a beginning of a bigger drawing. In this case, tattoos look much more original and unique, plus, there is a bigger area for cooler artistic tattoos.

In case, when paisley pattern is chosen for a tattoo design, which happens pretty often, it of course, takes the bigger part of the design. Sometimes some lettering is inked on the external part of the ankle. These days, another popular trend is wings placed on an ankle which reminds of an antique myth character Perseus wearing winged sandals.
This part of the body is considered to be very painful in terms of tattooing it. The skin here is gentle and there are no muscle or fat layers to separate it with a bone, which is an unpleasant fact for tattoo lovers – sessions on such body parts are hard to survive. However, it does not go in comparison with soft gentle skin on a neck or wrist, which are enormously painful. Legs, forearms, back a less sensitive, anyway. Of course, the evaluation of painful areas is relatively individual. For somebody it is easy to make a tattoo on wrist and others can ask for painkillers while making tattoo on leg.

Ankle tattoos are great from the point of view of the practical everyday usage. Such drawings are not so concealed as ones on ribs or stomach, but they are hidden better than drawings on forearms, neck, wrist or upper back. It means that you are basically the only person to enjoy your tattoo if you do not decide to show it to somebody else. During summer, it ankle tattoo will be a special detail of your image, and in winter it will stay for some special occasion in your shoes.
A lot of great ankle tattoos collected for all who are eager to have a cool body drawing which is easy to hide and at the same time it is full of magical beauty especially the designs for women. Get inspired with cool ankle tattoo designs here.