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Thigh tattoos

Each girl wants underline her individuality and uniqueness. One of the best way to do this is to get a thigh tattoo for herself. No meter will it take the whole leg or will be tiny and slightly visible.
Why thigh tattoos are considered to be girl’s privilege?
Mainly, because guys are not a big fans of undressing these parts of the body, but girls vice a versa. Gil’s thigh – are a symbol of grace and sexuality, that’s why they usually want to track more attention to this part.

The most popular tattoo ideas for thighs are bow-ties, cats, butterflies, panthers. flowers and birds. Chinese Dragon also looks very cool in thigh tattoo and there is even no difference whether it’s black & white or in color. Red dragon means ill will, love and passion and black – respect to parents. Remember, that color of the tattoo causes a lot of influence on the tattoo meaning.
Those who love to flirt would probably choose a gun in a garter as an idea for a thigh tattoo. The owner of such ink is treated as a sexy person with a need for adventures.
But there are a lot of tattoo ideas to be placed on thighs, even those which has much more deep sense such as constellations and stars, packs of birds flying out of some picture are growing their popularity.

It is common for girls to think of a thigh tattoo, but there are some consequences to be taken into consideration. For example, this body parts can, unfortunately, shapeshift and stretch, not talking about the changes of skin with age. While losing weight they lose their shape and they also get thicker first while getting additional kilograms. It appears that a thigh tattoo is not a very convenient thing in practice. Taking this into consideration it’s better to make not very big tattoos as their shape changes are not so obvious.

There is another disadvantage – these tattoos are horribly painful, because of the sensitive skin especially on the inner part of the thigh.
However, at the same time, thigh tattoos for girls have one great advantage – they look awesome in an esthetic sense. With the help of them leg can seem slender hiding undesirable centimeters. And the tattoo itself looks incredibly sexy.
Shy girls can become owners of cute flowers or some tracery. And the ethnic patterns are now gaining more and more popularity. Lizards and tigers – are the choice for the girls who want something extraordinary and provocative.