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Ear tattoos

The naturally feminine desire to improve their appearance had developed in a lot of different varieties of ways to achieve this aim and women went further from piercing to ear tattoos, for example. These small and cute tats are getting much more popular every day. To be honest, they usually make tattoos behind the ear as to ink ear cup is too extreme for the majority of tattoo lovers. Advantages of these tattoos are obvious.

First of all, a small size – drawings placed on the ear are usually tiny and they are hard to spot. They do not draw undesirable attention and don’t become an obstacle for your career. Moreover, they are easily covered with hair, so nobody can see them if you don’t wish that. This a good solution for people, who for some personal reason do not want to demonstrate their tattoos in public, isn’t it? Having this area inked is a very convenient thing.

Secondly, this is very original. Such tattoos became a matter of fashion not so long ago and tattoos behind the ear are still considered to be a unique phenomenon. Thirdly, there is a freedom of choice of the tattoo design. In spite that designs placed here should be tiny, girls sometimes choose among conventional tattoo ideas, which could be easily placed on any other part of the body. For example, this can be standard tattoo designs for women: butterflies, stars, different flowers, musical notes etc.

The area behind the ear is perfect for a hieroglyph tattoo designs, which can be performed pretty small and even microscopically small, but at the same time, carry some deep meaning. Sometimes it is possible to run into big lettering ideas placed in that spot, for instance, names of relatives on the hear or cloud background.

Three-dimensional ideas deserve special attention in this case. The very remarkable example of such kind of tattoos is realistic spiders. However, this design choice solution is better to be made by guys, not girls as it is too extreme for a girl and behind the man’s ear it would look way more cooler. If the ornamental ideas are preferred, they are recommended to be shaped semicircular. This trick will underline the back of an ear cup and will create the symmetry on the side of the head.

So, to sum everything up, there is one thing to be mentioned. You have to take into consideration that it will definitely be really painful to put a drawing on or behind the ear and a lot of women (they mainly make such body drawings) will have to go through a real torture. However, if the design is chosen wisely the ear tattoo would look awesome and the result will totally be worth sufferings. Remember, you all do this for the sake of the beauty!