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Cats had conquered the internet long time ago. And as for the tattoo art such tattoo ideas like the cat tattoo portrait are something very special. These drawings show the main reason why cats are considered to be cute and why we all love them so much. Of course, they have awesome fluffy tails and soft little furry paws. However, their pretty faces with whiskers and tiny noses, big expressive eyes that can magically change their shape from thin vertical lines to huge black holes while they are playing, sometimes cats’ eyes can even change color, gain the most attention. Cats are hard to explain, that’s why people admire them so much.

All these remarkable features artist try to show in their cat tattoo portraits. Usually, there are beloved pets inked, but sometimes one such portrait tattoo design can become the collective image of the cats’ most common character features.

red cat portrait by Drew Shurtleff

by Drew Shurtleff

watercolor cat portrait tattoo by Santiago Buriticá

by Santiago Buriticá

realistic cat tattoo portrait by billymaurice

by billymaurice

portrait tattoo cat

by Sasha Tattooing

watercolor cat portrait tattoo by Kate Waiss

by Kate Waiss

rainbow cat portrait by leshalauz

by leshalauz

sphinx cat tattoo portrait by Sean Henry

by Sean Henry

cat and butterfly tattoo

by Mattie

scary portrait of cat by Timothy Prikhodko

by Timothy Prikhodko

But cats aren’t cute and tender all the time. Sometimes instead of calm-giving “purr-purr” we can hear them hissing. This is the moment when we realise that things had gone way to far and in a rapid moment, numerous scratches bleeding with disappointment and severe pain appear. This occasionally unreasonable hot temper close to a dangerous rage is surprisingly another feature people treat cats with respect. This aggressiveness comes out of their independence. Nearly always cats are the ones to make rules creating their own order as they want it. This powerful trait artist can also express in a corresponding cat tattoo portrait.

satan cat by Ilya Agapov

by Ilya Agapov

Love classic cat tattoo by @racotattoo

by @racotattoo

cats tattoo sketch by salsatattoo

by salsatattoo

japan cat portarit by Justice ink

by Justice ink

red cat portrait by Lucian Toro

by Lucian Toro

graphic cat portrait by Parvick Tattoer

by Parvick Tattoer

Cats are very silent, they are perfect hunters and masters of an ambush. If you can’t see a cat in your house be sure that the cat is definitely watching you from the most unpredictable hide. And be aware, cause  very soon you’ll be attacked by your cute little pet with its little adorable paws and in a glimpse of a moment it will vanish in a rapid sprint. You’ll consider this cute and funny, but for the cat this is hunting and this is damn serious. They live this way – the path of a hunter which could be easily shown in the cat tattoo portrait.

We can’t often understand what are they are trying to do with their silly random moves and jumps from side to side. We sometimes can’t say what are they looking at so anxiously, wondering whether your, second ago funny, pet spotted a ghost or other supernatural creature. People really believe that these animals have some supernatural powers.  They used to be worshiped in a lot of Ancient cultures.The main thing – you never mess with a cat or mock at it and maybe then it will let you snuggle himself.

graphic cat portrait

by Magklin RIP

cat tattoo by break tattoo

by break tattoo

general cat tattoo by JAVIER FRANCO


cat tattoo by Alice Pozzi

by Alice Pozzi

flower cat tattoo by Juli Hamilton

by Juli Hamilton

cat portrait by stephenasanchez

by stephenasanchez

The main thing to remember – you never mess with a cat or mock it and maybe then it will let you snuggle himself.All these – from cuteness and laziness to supernatural six sense can be expressed in the tattoo art and the best way to do this is to make the Cat Tattoo Portrait.

All these – from cuteness and laziness to flexibility, dexterity, speed, and supernatural six senses can be expressed in the tattoo art. And the best way to do this is to make the Cat Tattoo Portrait.

dotwork cat portrait by myciaa.k

by myciaa.k

cat portrait by Al Minz

by Al Minz

cute cat portrait by Izzy Curran

by Izzy Curran

blackwork cat tattoo portrait by Roman Anikushin

by Roman Anikushin

cat with sunglasses by tyler malek

by tyler malek

black and white cat tattoo portrait by Joel Parkinson

by Joel Parkinson

cat with bow portrait by Rodolphe-tattoo

by Rodolphe

angry cat portrait tattoo

by fdtattoo

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