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The theme of plane tattoos like outlines of flying machines, propellers, paper planes and other aviation attributes appear to be not an overused topic in the tattoo art, which means that all these images can be made interesting and fresh.


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  • Plane Symbolism
big plane tattoo on torso by hayley lakeman

by hayley lakeman

Plane Symbolism

Through all the history man had been trying to take off from the land and fly like a bird. This is the reason why a lot of people subconsciously have warm feelings to the machinery capable of picking them up into the sky. And the image of a plane itself symbolically refers to notions of the freedom, lightness the force of the air. And in all cases, it is a good, positive symbol.

The fact that there are not so many designs including this image is easily explained that it is new to the humanity it doesn’t have the deep bound with centuries and does not possess any sort of magical subtext so adored by tattoo enthusiasts.

FACT. A four-year-old Cecelia Cichan is the only survivor of the plane crash on August 16, 1987, in Michigan. There were 149 passengers and 6 crew members who died in this incident including her parents and older brother. It was the second-deadliest aviation accident at the time in the United States and the second-deadliest involving the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 series. The plane lifted off the runway and began to roll from side to side just under 50 feet (15 m) above the ground. The MD-82 was not able to climb as a result of the flaps not being extended (flaps are used on takeoff and landing to provide the necessary lift). Approximately 2,760 feet (840 m) past the end of runway 3C, the left wing struck a light pole in an airport rental car lot. The impact caused it to start disintegrating and set the wing on fire. The machine rolled 90 degrees to the left, striking the roof of an Avis car-rental building. Now uncontrolled, the plane crashed inverted onto Middlebelt Road and struck vehicles just north of its intersection with Wick Road, killing two people on the ground in an automobile. It then broke apart, with the fuselage skidding across the road, disintegrating and bursting into flames as it hit a railroad overpass and the overpass of eastbound Interstate. (

Later one of the firemen heard a child’s cry and saved Cecilia from beneath the wreckage. She was hardly injured and fortunately recovered very quickly and as she became an adult had made a plane tattoo on her wrist. She claimed, that she is not afraid of traveling by plane.

Upper Back Tattoo Big Plane

by unknown artist

For Whom?

All, who are interested in plane tattoos, give them meanings according to their own life experience. Commonly, the drawing serves just decorative purposes and doesn’t have any deep subtext, so it is possible for anyone to make such tattoo just for the sake of aesthetical beauty or to express the love to the skies and aircraft. However, we will try to enlist main categories of people commonly having this kind of body drawing:

1. Pilots and aviators. People willing to learn how to fly a plane and those who make their leaving doing something closely related to flying machines and aviation.

2. Servicemen of military air forces and airborne units, for whom a plane is not simply a soulless machine but a symbol of their identity, as other military heraldic emblems. By the way, in this case, they go in combinations. Commonly the number or the name of the military unit is added to such tattoo designs with dates of the service period.

3. Travelers, people full of energy, flying lovers, people who love adventures and tourism of different kinds.

4. Aviation fans. People who know perfectly all the brands and models of aircraft and all aviation details

5. Freedom-loving people, directly associating skies with independence and free will. Such people are protecting their power of free choice and with the help of the tattoo express the idea that they are not to be chained to one place for entire life.

6. People, who simply love air and sky.

angry warplane tattoo by bryan-gee

by bryan gee

Love Plane Tattoo Black

by unknown artist

Tetraethyl lead molecule overlayed

by unknown artist

 Three Views of Plane Tattoos on Side

by unknown artist

tornado plane tattoo

by unknown artist

Wrist Tattoo Watercolor Plane

by unknown artist

schematic plane tattoo on arm

Plane Tattoo by BRÜCIUS

new school tattoo fighter plane

Fighter Plane Tattoo by Varo Tattooer


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