Skull With Helmet Tattoo

scandinavian warrior skull in helmet tattoo on shoulder

The Skull With Helmet Tattoo by Tolik Gaidamovic  is a cool Scandinavian warrior skeleton tattoo idea with a raven aside the dead soldier.

(6 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

  1. Fred Z wrote:

    Very good Scandinavian theme

  2. Tom Riddle wrote:

    really cool shoulder piece

  3. Wayne wrote:

    Now, I’ve finally found what design I want to have

  4. Kelly Night wrote:

    Love such art!

  5. Julia Omu wrote:

    this design is meant to be black and grey

  6. Vivien North wrote:

    I’ve never seen anything so beautiful

  7. Zed Ekko wrote:

    i love such themed tattoos!

  8. Atina Gruber wrote:

    Lovable piece!

  9. Kevin Easwest wrote:

    I want to be this guy with this tattoo!

  10. Cobodzu Hishimi wrote:

    Give me his number!

  11. Iwo Bobul wrote:

    The most awesome Scandinavian black and grey tattoo I’ve ever seen!

  12. Ibol Itz wrote:

    Where to find the artist?

  13. Jody Mane wrote:

    I admire how they manage to make it so realistic