What Is Good in Foot Tattoos?

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You have made a firm decision to make a tattoo? However, there’s still one problem to think over, what part of the body you want to ink! Try this one – the foot tattoo. The forearm is too trivial, back – is the place where no one will see you body drawing, but the tattoo on foot is a rather interesting problem-solving decision.

That is why the foot tattoos for girls are the best kind of tattoo ideas. Did you know that the tradition of decorating this part of the body comes from India? Women of that land are making marvelous ornaments on their wrists and feet for ages. And that looks rather hot. However, the extra interest towards feet is also a characteristic feature for other countries.

Matching Mandala Dotwork tattoos on feet Ethnic Heel Right Angle tattoo by Papanatos Tattoos

Both Feet Mandala tattoo by Jan Mràz

If you have a feeling that foot tattoo is exactly what you need, now you have to decide which part of it you want to ink. Traditionally the side of it, ankle and the region close to the bone are the placements of choice. The drawings on places listed are easy to take care of. It won’t get pale and be influenced by constant rubbing.

Besides that, foot tattoo idea looks esthetically beautiful and is always visible if you desire so, but you also can easily hide the tattoo, if it’s necessary. To reach this goal, just put on socks and closed shoes. In this case, no one will have a clue that you have this tattoo.

Moon Phases Feet tattoo by Ien Levin

Heart and Cup Mandala Shining tattoo by Sarah B Bolen

Furthermore, a foot is considered to be the less sensitive place. It is very important good news for those girls, who have a low pain threshold.
It is possible to do a national Indian foot tattoo, the drawing should be placed on the top side of the foot for this purpose and also look in a special way. And it is not recommended to put the tattoo on a heel or the lower part of the foot. Mainly, because the skin here is too thick and this means, that the image will get blurry and ugly here. And as for the foot tattoo idea and the drawing, there are almost no limits.

Mermaid within 3D tattoo Foot Puzzle Painfully Hooked Skin 3D tatto on footSquid the Thundermaker tattoo

Commonly girls love to make usual drawings for the foot tattoo ideas, such as abstract ornaments, flowers, stars, animals and butterflies. Sometimes they people choose very small foot tattoos, like treble clef of a tiny note.

Little Sparrow New School tattoo on Foot

Foot Rose Realistic tattoo by Andres Acosta Blue Cubes Fott tattoo by Corey Divine

There’s one more thing worth mentioning, that the most popular tattoo ideas on foot for girls are letterings. Phrases inked in that spot, look mysterious. They are not so easy to see and read, only at home in a special atmosphere, which is not for everyone. It is pleasant to know, that there is a secret hiding in your shoes only for special ones, for chosen ones.

 Howling Wolf Old School tattoo by White Rabbit Tattoo

Lettering Anchor Foot tattoo by White Rabbit Tattoo

However, it is possible to choose any tattoo idea, any drawing for a foot tattoo! The main thing is to find a skilled tattoo artist who can give a hand in the choice of already existing tattoo ideas, or make a unique special one jus t for you. And don’t forget that the foot tattoos which spred from foot to ankle looks even better than simply the foot tattoo ideas.

Ladybug Dimond tattoo by Skin Deep Art Antlers Seahorse Aquarelle tattoo by Liisa Addi Kask

Melting Clock tattoo by Andres Acosta on Foot Terminator Foot tattoo

Giant Strawberry 3D tattoo on Fool Incredible Spider 3D tattoo on foot

Open Mouth Dentist Graphic tattoo by Westfall Tattoo Crazy Fire Eyes Tiger tattoo by Chopstick Tattoo

Dotwork tattoo on Foot

Field Flowers Aquarelle tattoo by Adam Kremer

Realistic Foot Bones Organic tattoo idea Horror Saw Mask realistic tattoo by Last Angels Tattoo

Fly Away Rocket Foot tattoo by Marked For Life

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