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  • Oak Tattoo Meanings

    The drawing of an oak is considered to be the symbol of strengths, durability, courage and recovery. Men prefer to ink oak tattoos more than women. Ancient people used to believe that acorns were strong talismans, they put oak branches inside their habitations to gain protection from evil spirits.

    Acorn drawings are found on many of Greek statues of Artemis. She was the Goddess of hunting and an acorn gave her luck in this area.

    oak and acorn tattoo

    tattoo by by aemonson

    full back oak tree tattoo by Liana Joy

    by Liana Joy

    geometric oak tattoo

    by brie_rawlings_tattooist

    realistic oak by iwan-yug

    by iwan-yug

    green oak tattoo

    by Alice Bandicoot

    musical oak tattoo

    by Milyaev Alexey

    dotwork oak by Henbohenning

    by Henbohenning

    Ancient Romans used to admire such traits as strengths and power considering them to be one of the most important virtues. That’s why they used to make rings, necklaces and bracelets inlaid with symbols of oak. In Celtic culture branches and acorns of this mighty tree was associated with fertility and immortality. The one who had the image of an oak tree had been followed by prosperity and never-ending spiritual energy.

    oak tattoo sleeve

    tattoo by Vlad Beard

    blackwork oak tattoo

    by Artemy Neumoin

    graphic oak tattoo by Ryan Bray

    by Ryan Bray

    In England, accessories with acorns had been very precious gifts because they were aimed to give their owners a long and happy life. People used to were oak seeds like necklaces which brought them loads of good luck. In a lot of old family emblems of the Medieval period, oaks are found. They served as a symbol of honor, ancient family roots, and respectful social status. Clothes of dukes and another nobility were decorated with images of oaks and acorns as a symbol of  their undoubtful right as rulers based on centuries-long heritage.

    lucky oak

    by Aleksandra Dobra

    Tattoo leaf oak

    Tattoo by Marla Moon

    caorn tattoo by Rusel Topko

    tattoo by Rusel Topko

    Nowadays there still remains an oaks admiration as a symbol of masculine strengths. These beliefs are based on the impressive capability of a tiny acorn being strong enough to give birth to such a gigantic tree. Any of this interpretation can become your own oak tattoo meaning.

    oak tattoo on chest by ruutattoo

    by @ruutattoo

    Ember Oak Tattoo Sleeve

    by Markus Lenhard

    Creative framed tattoo, also

    by Oak Adams

    oak tattoo on shoulder by Chapter One Tattoo

    by Chapter One Tattoo

    Men know what an oak tattoo stands for, that’s why they chose it. However, sometimes girl oak tattoo designs are found mainly as a symbol of fertility and luck. But you are just obliged to have one oak tattoo on your body as it is really capable of improving your life significantly.

    little tattoo acorn dotwork

    Tattoo by Anna Neudecker

    wolf and acorn tattoo by pooka

    by pooka

    bloody acorn tattoo by Alexander Masom

    tattoo by Alexander Masom

    window and oak tree tattoo by Brian Woo

    by Brian Woo

    couple oak tattoos by Ray Alexander

    by Ray Alexander

    women oak tattoo by mctarded

    by @mctarded

    oak tree by Justin Walker

    by Justin Walker

    back oack tattoo by Robin Kodial

    by Robin Kodial

    neo traditional acorn tattoo by pooka

    tattoo by pooka

    dotwork acorn by sashakatuna

    by sashakatuna

    Memorial oak tree tattoo

    by Jimmy Munkaspeni

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